DevHacks is an intense competition for developers with 24 hours of intense coding, lots of ideas and cutting-edge technonogies. For a bigger challenge we unlock 8 categories: Women in Technology, Web, Video & Audio Hack, Mobile, Big Data, AI&IoT&Robotics, Security, and DevOps.

The winner at DevHacks 2016 was Zitec who developed a Smart City solution to deliver personalized content for the consumers. With the presence sensors, the billboards target the consumers and choose the right content for them.  For example, if you are interested in buying clothes, when you will be near a billboard this will show you an advert of some fashion stores.

If you believe in your team, you think your idea is innovative or you want to test your skills, accept the challenge and make the innovation become visible! Join us at the 3rd edition on 27th – 28th  of October.    




Categories to choose from


Mentors that will participate in changing the local reality

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Brand visibility among developers;
  • Connect with over 200 participants;
  • Possibility to showcase your technologies by providing access to them for the hackathon participants.

For participants

  • Learn new skills, technologies and best practices from leading industry experts;
  • Access to technologies and the chance to use them in your project;
  • Meet local and international mentors who can help guide you through the coding process;
  • Meet and connect with other professionals within the IT Community.


  • The hackathon was very well organized and in the 24 hours I worked not only efficiently, but I also had fun. I have not lacked anything!

    Corporate Bulldog Studios Team
  • The event was very successful. It's the first time I participate in a hackathon and it’s true that I have nothing to compare it with, but for me this event only brought benefits. I loved the mentors, I loved the participants, and I loved the atmosphere and the organization

  • For me and my team, DevHacks was a wonderful experience. I have known and worked with new people, I programmed in unfamiliar languages and I went through the journey of creating an app, from the concept to final product, in 24 hours.

  • My DevHacks team has only words of praise. The organization was good, the food was good, excellent location and decor, as well as the relaxation points.


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