One solution for two demands – a useful instrument for both companies and students. It is an online publication that includes, within the design and content chosen by the target audience, brand video and in-image ads, the latest job openings and career articles representing key information for every student.

The publication is a great foundation for future recruiting and hiring efforts and a great way to endorse your company brand among the next generation of professionals.

Career Ebooks project is reflected in two completely different editions, each focusing on a specific target audience:

· Internship & Trainee Career Guide is an edition published at the end of March every year, tailored for students and entry-levels, the last edition reaching over 509,230 youngsters during a 3-month nationwide distribution campaign. This Career Guide in Ebook format promotes all major internship & trainee programs in 2024 and brings students relevant career information from the top employers in Romania. The publication is addressed to students with technical, business & economical or humanistic backgrounds.

· Top 100 Most Desired Employers is the fall edition published in September, yearly, tailored for entry-levels and young professionals with some accumulated experience in the economic and technical fields, managing to reach over 634,278 young job-seekers on a national level during a 3-month distribution campaign. A way to promote your events, recruitment programs or business to applicants of all experience levels and even from specific backgrounds: technical (Computer Science, Telecommunication, Mathematics and Informatics, Cybernetics, Mechanics and Engineering or business (Accounting, Banking, Marketing) and more.

Last campaign reached over 700.000 job seekers at a national level

15 years

29 editions

1659 pages

883 companies

229 career articles

It’s more powerful than a regular printed publication, because it offers a complete experience by using all the benefits of the online environment.


Reasons to participate

For companies

  • Build or consolidate employer brand among a big part of students, entry-levels and young; professionals with economic and technical backgrounds;
  • Great foundation for future recruiting and hiring efforts;
  • Promote all major career opportunities through dedicated campaigns;

For participants

  • Useful resource publication that offers information about the latest career opportunities;
  • Gain information about how to apply, what to expect and how to be prepared and maximize the internship experience;

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