Designed as a two days event, DevTalks is the largest IT conference for the developers’ community and gives you many opportunities to network, learn and explore topics approached by local and international guru developers that will shape our future on IoT, AI, Robotics, DevOps, Web & Mobile, Project Management and Java.

The main purpose of DevTalks is to contribute to the development of the Romanian IT community by encouraging innovative projects, supporting diversity and the involvement of women in technology.

The gadgets that will make the experience a lot more fun, the IT companies that will create great experiences at their booth, the tech startups that will pitch on the Stages, are just a part of how DevTalks looks like!

DevTalks Cluj-Napoca –  May 2020

DevTalks Bucharest – June 2020


Web and software developers, managers and team leads, mobile developers CEO & CTO, BI/Big Data specialists, IoT 


International & local speakers


Event stages exploring the latest trends that will shape Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence


Presentations during one single day

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • DevTalks presents an excellent opportunity for you to have your company’s  brand and message in front of a community of IT  professionals;
  • Exposure to an experienced audience, at one day event with 1000  participants & 1000+ online;
  • Engage the audience over the course of one day by showcasing your latest and greatest innovations, expertise, services and product;

For participants

  • Get great tips and techniques, discover cool features and tools from dozens of IT experts on topics like IoT, mobile, cloud, robotics, web, devops, project managemenet, automotive or java;
  • Network and share know-how with over 1,000 IT professionals and experts like yourself whitin the IT Community;
  • Join challenges opened at the companies’ booths and see how the world of IT companies looks like and what surprises they’ve prepared for you;


  • We've been talking about Google Glass, Firefox OS. What are we gonna be talking at Dev Talks 2015, I can't even imagine, but it's really exciting here, really dynamic and you get to meet so many interesting people and talk about technology. So, see you in 2015!

    Terence EdenInnovation Catalyst at the Lab - part of Telefonica
  • Hello developers! I hear you all are very interested in coming to the next Dev Talks. You probably should. There are a lot of awesome talks here about wearables. There are at least 3 people here wearing Google Glass and let everybody wear them. It's pretty awesome conference and you should be at the next one!

    Cristiano BettaDeveloper Evangelist at PayPal
  • Invest in Big Data, invest in your skills because now it's time to make a difference for the organizations but also for you as a developer. If you've missed Dev Talks, you've missed a great event because this is the largest IT conference in Romania for developers. So get familiar with Big Data because it's worth investing in it. It's now or never!

    Jack EsselinkBig Data and Analytics Evangelist at IBM

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