DevHacks is a hackathon with 24hours of coding where we test the resilience, the creative ideas, the impact on society and the cutting-edge technologies our team use.

DevHacks is a great opportunity to meet 200 developers, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs or tech enthusiasts from all over Romania and not only that will come up with the most creative ideas to solve problems and contribute to the everyday impact on our society.

On 17 & 18 November, we encourage coders of any age with Java, JavaScript, C/ C++, Python, Blockchain or Web & Mobile, to join us in teams or individually and code for six new categories: Fintech, Women in Tech, Future Banking, Digital Transformation, Security, Web & Mobile.




Categories to choose from


National and international mentors

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • You can choose a category and create your own hackathon;
  • Connect with 200 participants;
  • Gain visibility on one of the tracks: Women in Tech, Security, Web & Mobile, Future Banking, Digital Transformation;
  • Support the teams and find innovative solutions that will help your company grow.

For participants

  • You will have the chance to test and grow your skills;
  • You will be able to build something that will solve real problems in our life;
  • Win cool prizes;
  • Network with leading tech companies in Romania;
  • Get inspired by people around you. They can be coders, designers or even marketing enthusiasts.


  • The hackathon was very well organized and in the 24 hours I worked not only efficiently, but I also had fun. I have not lacked anything!

    Corporate Bulldog Studios Team
  • The event was very successful. It's the first time I participate in a hackathon and it’s true that I have nothing to compare it with, but for me this event only brought benefits. I loved the mentors, I loved the participants, and I loved the atmosphere and the organization

  • For me and my team, DevHacks was a wonderful experience. I have known and worked with new people, I programmed in unfamiliar languages and I went through the journey of creating an app, from the concept to final product, in 24 hours.

  • My DevHacks team has only words of praise. The organization was good, the food was good, excellent location and decor, as well as the relaxation points.


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