Finance Recruitment Day is our dedicated event for students and fresh graduates interested in developing a career in Economic/ Financial field.

The event is the perfect opportunity for students and fresh graduates to learn more about what it means to have a career in finance, accounting, banking, to meet with professionals, and find out what are the challenges and the benefits.

The promotion campaign has national coverage.

Finance Recruitment Day (9th of March 2024) is the only event in Romania dedicated exclusively to finance, accounting and banking students and fresh grads.

The event will support your junior recruitment plans for the finance department, representing the right framework for the development of young people passionate about one of these fields.

The event features a dynamic and flexible agenda that includes Keynotes, Workshops, Speed Interviews, Testing Simulator and All Day Networking.

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Direct Interaction with 200 preselected candidates. Workshop or Testing Simulator with 30 participants that meet your requirements. They get to meet and interact with company representatives and discover your working environment.
  • Position your company as a top employer in Finance, Accounting, Audit, Banking or Taxes, among over 50.000 students and young professionals.
  • Benefit of a flexible and diverse agenda that can help you observe the participants and interact with them in different contexts so you can shorten the recruitment process.
  • The Community can be accessed after the event through our promotional channels regarding your career opportunities.

For participants

  • Develop effective skills and abilities that can help you to start your career in a top company.
  • Gain exclusive access to entry-level jobs or internships opportunities.
  • Be part of the only event in Romania dedicated to students with finance background or other related fields;
  • Finance Recruitment Day was one of the best opportunities to come into contact with leading companies in the financial sector. Not only did I find out a lot of useful information, but I also managed to get acquainted and give me an idea of the dynamics and vibe of the teams in each company

    AnaFinance Recruitment Day 2022
  • It is an event full of useful and motivational information that at the same time persuades you to start investing more in you and to fight more forcibly in the battle to achieve their professional objectives, not particularly in the field of finance, accounting or auditing, but in general.

    BiancaFinance Recruitment Day 2022


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