NextGen is the umbrella of our dedicated events and projects for students and fresh graduates interested in developing a career in Business and Technical fields. The online event features a flexible format that includes presentations, live discussions, and Q&A sessions.

The events are the perfect opportunity for students and fresh graduates to learn more about what it means to have a career in the desired domain, to meet with professionals, and find out what are the challenges and the benefits. The promotion campaign has national coverage.

NextGen – Finance Recruitment Day (16th of March 2022) is the only event in Romania dedicated exclusively to finance, accounting, and banking students and fresh grads.

All our tools will be adapted online to help our clients achieve their recruiting objectives for young candidates with financial and economic backgrounds and willing to develop a career in one of these fields.

The event features a dynamic and flexible agenda that includes Conferences, Masterclass and All Day Networking and Digital Speed Interviews

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Direct Interaction with the most suitable candidates. Master Class or interactive workshop with 30 participants that meet your requirements. They get to meet and interact with company representatives and discover your working environment.
  • Position your company as a top employer in Finance, Accounting, Audit, Banking or Taxes, among 35.000 students and young professionals.
  • Access an efficient method of selection for your career opportunities. You will have the possibility to create a shortlist of candidates who will fit your desired profile through Digital Speed Interviews during Finance Recruitment Day and many more.
  • One year of access to a virtual community. The Community can be accessed after the event through our promotional channels regarding your career opportunities.

For participants

  • Develop effective skills and abilities that can help you to start your career in a top company.
  • Gain exclusive access to entry-level jobs or internships opportunities.
  • Take a chance to advance in the selection process by participating in Digital Speed Interviews with the company representatives.
  • The company representatives answered with interest and as clearly as possible to all the participants’ questions. The presentation of each company and the content they offered was understandable to all. The webinar was interesting and interactive.

    Participant 1Finance Recruitment Day 2020
  • Given the current situation we face, we are heading for rapid steps and embracing technological trends of adaptation. It is my first experience in a webinar and it was quite interactive, I was able to address any curiosity, I stayed comfortable and relaxed at home. Thanks to the speakers for transparency, sincerity, spontaneity and answers :) I got rid of the emotion of raising my hand in a room full of students and asking questions.

    Participant 2Finance Recruitment Day 2020
  • Such an experience is gratifying considering the difficult period we live together. I would recommend such an experience and I would repeat it.

    Participant 3Finance Recruitment Day 2020


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