Sales BootCamp is an event dedicated to top students and fresh graduates interested in developing a career in Sales, facilitating their interaction with companies interested in developing their professional and personal skills or recruiting them.

The event is the perfect opportunity for students and fresh graduates to learn more about what does it mean to have a career in sales, to meet with Sales professionals and find out what are the challenges and the benefits.

The event features a dynamic and flexible event agenda that includes:

Launching Conference: one day event in which you can meet students and fresh graduates passionate about sales.
Direct interaction with 30 candidates through dedicated competitions, sales case studies or workshops, that will take place at company’s headquarter.

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Direct Interaction with the most suitable candidates
    Dedicated competition, case-study or workshop with 30 participants that meet your requirements.
  • Increased brand awareness as top employer in your industry
    As partner in the project you benefit from a personalized promotion campaign, tapping an overall population of 35.000 high potential individuals.
  • Acces an efficient method of selection for your career opportunities
    You will have the possibility to observe how they work with each other and you can create a shortlist of candidates who will fit your desired profile.
  • Your off-the-shelf high potential pool
    The Community can be accessed after the event through our promotional channels regarding your career opportunities.

For participants

  • Develop effective sales skills and abilities that can help you to start your career into a top company.
  • Interact with Top Employers from sales area and find out more information about their career opportunities.
  • Participate at interactive sessions where you can meet other High Potential young people, just like you!

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