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Most Desired Employers – Key Findings 2017

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Every year we run a survey on over 11.000 higher education candidates (both juniors & professionals) to identify the Most Desired Employers in Romania and in the major cities.

Beside ideal employers we also analyse the criteria used in choosing their favorite employers, the channels they use gain insights about employers and the one used to apply, the salary expectations, relocation triggers and much more.

Here is what you will find in the eBook:

  • TOP 50 Most Desired Employers nationwide;
  • TOP 20 Most Desired Employers among respondents with business background;
  • TOP 20 Most Desired Employers among respondents with technical background;
  • TOP 20 Most Desired Employers among Romanian students;
  • Evolution of the most wanted industries 2015- 2017 (all respondents);
  • What is the No1. criterion candidates use when selecting their favourite employers;
  • Salary increase to accept a job change;
  • What are the most used and most trusted information channels to find out information about career opportunities.

More information about specific target groups, cities and industries is available in the custom reports:

1. General Report
2. Business and Engineering Reports
3. Industry reports (IT&C, Outsourcing, FMCG or Banking)

Who are the most desired employers by business & technical candidates?


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