Generation Z Behavior on the Romanian Labour Market

Romania, 2023

How is Gen Z behavior changing the workplace? In order to answer to this question and many others, this year, Catalyst Solutions conducted an online survey among Gen Z candidates to find out what kind of career aspirations do the young professionals have.

The survey gathered responses from 751 Romanian candidates, university students and graduates of higher education studies, in areas of expertise such as: business, technology and socio-humanities.

Highlights of the Gen Z on the Labour Market in 2023 eBook:

  • Which programs are candidates more eager to further engage in?
  • Ideal months to start a program/job
  • Ideal time response to application
  • TOP most considered professional domains when applying
  • How much time is spent with the first employer?
  • TOP most popular channels to apply for a program/job
  • Biggest career challenges
  • Salary expectations of Gen Z, an evolution throughout the years

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