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The efforts to transform students and fresh graduated into skillful and engaged employees have never been more important. On the other hand, students are increasingly seeing the internship as a vehicle for augmenting their education and a means of gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

To ensure both student and employer get the most of the internship experience, we have developed the Internship & Trainee Programs Study in order to help companies establish a successful internship or trainee program.

The Internship & Trainee Programs Study captures:

  • The salary expectations for internship & trainee programs or entry-level jobs;
  • For students: Top 10 most desired employers nationwide;
  • For students: Top 10 most desired employers which activates in Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi;
  • The most desired type of program dedicated to students;
  • What motivates students to apply for Internship & Trainee programs;
  • The most trusted and used channels taken into consideration when applying for an internship or trainee programs;

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