Most Desired Employers – Key Findings 2018

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Every year we run the largest survey on the market, on over 10.000 higher education candidates (both juniors & professionals) in order to identify the Most Desired Employers in Romania.

Apart from the fact that the study delivers the most desired employers of the year, it also captures:

  • the criteria used when choosing an employer,
  • the professional objectives of Romanian candidates,
  • the most trusted and used channels,
  • the salary expectations considered from different professional experience points of view, locations and so much more.

This year’s study has 12.567 respondents nationwide, all coming from different areas such as: Business, Tech (IT& Engineering) and Humanities.

Highlights of 2018 Most Desired Employers eBook:

  • TOP 50 Most Desired Employers nationwide;
  • TOP 10 Most Desired Employers among respondents with Business background;
  • TOP 10 Most Desired Employers among IT&C respondents;
  • TOP 10 Most Desired Employers among Engineering respondents;
  • TOP 10 Most Desired Employers among respondents coming from the Humanities area;
  • 2016- 2018 evolution of the most representative industries in TOP 50 Most Desired Employers;

More information about specific target groups, cities and industries is available in the custom study reports:

  1. General Report
  2. Business and Engineering Reports
  3. Industry reports (IT&C, BPO & SSC, FMCG or Retail)

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