Most Desired Employers – Key Findings 2021

About the Most Desired Employers Survey 2021

For the 16th edition of the survey, we investigated the preferences and behaviour of over 14,347 higher education candidates (both juniors & professionals) all coming from different educational areas such as Business, IT&C, Engineering & Social Sciences. The data was collected via an online survey between December 2020 – April 2021.

The Most Desired Employers Study
is the most comprehensive instrument on the Romanian market. Each year it delivers valuable insights for employers and helps navigate through current changes in the employment market!

Most Desired Employers 2021 eBook

This eBook will provide you with the key insights from this year study. Inside you will find valuable data about the current perception and expectations of professionals, graduates, and students in relation to local employers in Romania.

What data you can find in this Most Desired Employers eBook?

  • Ranking of the Most Desired Employers 2021 (TOP 100 MDE in Romania)
  • Top 10 factors associated with the Most Desired Employers
  • Top Industries among various targets groups
  • Top 10 Criteria in choosing an employer
  • Impact of work from home policy in accepting a job
  • Preffered type of content candidates would like employers to communicate
  • Top attributes associated with Most Desired Employers vs Criteria in choosing an employer

Hungry for more?

More information about specific target groups, cities and industries is available in the custom study reports:

  • Talent Market Overview Report
  • Standard Report (Business Report, Engineering Report)
  • Industry Report (IT&C, Retail, FMCG, Outsourcing)
  • Employer Branding Health Check (Personalized set of analysis designed to extract information regarding the perception of the market of your employer brand)
  • EVP Development Toolkit (Designed to help organizations that are in the process of defining or localizing their EVP)

How it can serve you?

  • Insights – Get a statistically validated overview about the expectations and perceptions of your target group.
  • Communication mix – Optimize your mix of recruitment and advertising channels, by using the most efficient ones
  • Get your message out there! – Effectively communicate your key messages in the market
  • Interest level for career opportunities – Customize your messages and content according to your target group’s behavior
  • Strategize – Build and refine your employer branding strategies, to attract the right talent
  • Conversion Funnel – Compare your positioning on the recruitment funnel with that of your competitors
  • Impact – Measure the effects of your employer branding strategies


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