Internship&Trainee Marathon, part of the platform NextGen, is the largest national online project designed to promote internship & trainee programs, apprenticeship towards students and fresh graduates from major universities in Romania.

From January to December we gather a series of attractive internship, trainee, apprenticeship, management trainee programs and entry-level jobs.

According to The Generation Z behaviour on the labour market in 2023 Study, launched by Hipo.ro, Job platforms are Number 1 choice for students & graduates when they look for internship/trainee/management trainee/entry-level jobs.

57% of youngsters between 19-25 years use Hipo.ro when they want to apply for an Internship, Trainee / Management Trainee program or entry-level job.

77.5% of youngsters use career portals as a source of information regarding their last internship & trainee opportunities. This project targets exclusively students &graduates from major Romanian universities.

We are thrilled to launch the second edition of our unique initiative, National Intern Day! On May 23rd 2024 we will put in the spotlight the “Best Internship Programs in 2023” It is your chance as an employer to become one of the biggest supporters of Internship Programs’ positive impact on the students & grads’ career paths.

Join us for the upcoming edition of Internship&Trainee Marathon from January to December 2024 and interact with the next generation of students and graduates.

Over 2000

Internship, Trainee Programs and Entry-Level jobs every month


Views for searched keywords like – student, graduate, internship, trainee, apprenticeship, management trainee, nextgen, part-time, practice, 0-1 experience, from January to December 2023 on Hipo.ro.


Solution for recruiting youngsters between 19-25 years

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Perfect Timing – According to The Generation Z behaviour on the labour market in 2023 Study, almost 30% of students & graduates were willing to start a program between February and June 2023.
  • Talent attraction – students & graduates use career portals as a source of information regarding the latest internship & trainee opportunities.* This project targets exclusively students & graduates from major Romanian universities.
  • Reach more than 70% of 2023 students with economic or technical backgrounds by using a mix of channels: Hipo.ro, PR, social media, print, university partnerships, newsletters, campus presence, content, events.
  • Brand awareness – Each participating company has a Teaser Box to reflect the companies’ employer brand and identity, which can be customized with a cover photo, logo and short description.

*The Generation Z behaviour on the labour market in 2023 Study

For participants

  • Interact with Top Employers and find out more information about their career opportunities;
  • Choose from more than 2000 internship, trainee, apprenticeship, graduate programs and entry-level jobs every month;
  • Read content about the latest trends in internship & trainee, apprenticeship programs;
  • You can apply for the right opportunity here!


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