Internship&Trainee Marathon, part of the platform NextGen, is the largest national online project designed to promote internship & trainee programs towards students and fresh graduates from major universities in Romania.

For 32 weeks (from February to June and September to December) we gather a series of attractive internship, trainee, management trainee programs and entry-level jobs.

According to The Generation Z behaviour on the labour market in 2021 Study (more than 1300 respondents from Romania), launched by Hipo.ro, Job platforms are Number 1 choice for students & graduates when they look for internship/trainee/management trainee/entry-level jobs

57% of youngsters between 19-25 years use Hipo.ro when they want to apply for an Internship, Trainee / Management Trainee program or entry-level job.

44% of students & graduates are available to start an internship / Trainee / Management Trainee program or entry-level job from August to November.

Join us for the upcoming edition of Internship&Trainee Marathon from September to December 2021 and interact with the next generation of students and graduates.

Over 2000

Internship, Trainee Programs and Entry-Level jobs every month


Views for searched keywords like – student, graduate, internship, trainee, management trainee, nextgen, part-time, practice, 0-1 experience, from January to June 2021 on Hipo.ro.


Solution for recruiting youngsters between 19-25 years

Reasons to attend

For companies

  • Perfect Timing – Most students & graduates are willing to start a program all over the year mostly from July to October ( 46 %). From November to December 36.5% of the respondents are willing to start working in a graduate program / entry-level job*.
  • Talent attraction – students & graduates use career portals as a source of information regarding the latest internship & trainee opportunities.* This project targets exclusively students & graduates from major Romanian universities.
  • Reach more than 70% of 2021 students with economic or technical background by using a mix of channels: Hipo.ro, PR, social media, print, university partnerships, newsletters, campus presence, content, events.
  • Brand awareness – Each participating company has a Teaser Box to reflect the companies’ employer brand and identity, which can be customized with a cover photo, logo and short description.

*The Generation Z behaviour on the labour market in 2021 Study

For participants

  • Interact with Top Employers and find out more information about their career opportunities;
  • Choose from more than 2000 internship, trainee, graduate programs and entry-level jobs every month;
  • Read content about the latest trends in internship & trainee programs;
  • You can apply for the right opportunity here!


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