For being able to attract the right talent for your business you need to differentiate from other companies on the market. Therefore, investing in employer branding helps you highlight your employee experience and be top of mind among the desired audience.

Employer branding is important for any company, because it creates captivating content that builds reputation as an “employer of choice” and outlines the identity of the company.  Moreover, employer branding has also internal benefits, helping your current employees in being more productive, by boosting employee engagement and productivity levels.

11.000.000 +

Internet users that can be target through online channels


Students at a national level that can be reached through campus campaigns

Here are some of the companies that were interested in implementing Employer Branding Campaigns, in order
to recruit and consolidate their employer brand among their targeted audience:

Gamming is all about having fun and Ubisoft fully embrace this theory. In creative brainstorm the best ideas arise, and that was something that our customer was looking forward to. This gave us direction to do our work. Honoring the tradition of Ubisoft, we came up with concept of Game Jam – a 24 hours competition dedicated for creative game developers.