10 ways to attract Top Talents to your company

October 10th, 2018

As an employer, you probably attract many applicants, but how many from those candidates you would count as a quality hires? The true art of an effective recruitment strategy is to attract the right people to grow your business. For example, one of the ways to get there is taking active part in exclusive events where you can meet your desired audience face to face. But how to prepare the right strategy in order to make the most of it?

In this article we will share with you 10 recommendations to keep in mind when attending such an event. By staying on track of those you will empower your employer brand and gain quality hires while providing them with engaging candidate experience.

1. Get the word out that you’ll be there

When you decide to take part an event first step should be spreading the news around your company. Involve your employees into preparation by being open for new ideas and their suggestions. It will make them excited and positively influence the community spirit at your company. Keep everybody up-to-date on the progress. If you still feel like you can do more, check with your host if they can provide you with any promotion opportunity prior the event. For example, you can target participants with emails or job ads to create seamless candidate experience.

2. Decide which positions you are actively trying to fill

It’s crucial to know your recruitment goals and identifying the opportunities you wish to promote during the event. Lay them out in an informative way and give a clear picture of how the experience with your company will look like. Make sure the people representing your organization know exactly what will be the perfect profile of applicants to fill up all the positions so they can convert them effectively.

3. Have your materials and giveaways all sorted out

It might seem obvious, but you will save yourself a lot of stress knowing that all the promotional materials are in place before the event. Keep in mind that all the key visuals should be aligned with the style of your brand – including graphics and company-based giveaways. Also, don’t forget about business cards as they will help keep the conversations going after the event.

4. Consider organizing interactive workshops during the event

Hosting an interesting workshop is the best way to showcase the expertise of your organization and spot your desired talent in a sea of candidates. Make sure to provide organizers with all the necessary information, like name of the speakers, title and short description so they can promote it beforehand. While choosing the style of the workshops know that interactive form is the best way to go. So, consider setting up an Assessment Center simulation, study case or an interactive business game to keep the crowd engaged.

5. Pick your team that will represent you at the event

People are your greatest asset and from them depends perception of your employer brand after the event. Therefore, you need to choose your representatives wisely. Take into consideration charismatic individuals with ability to make an impact on the audience, but also newcomers who will be able to share their true employee experience. Each member of the team should be aware who exactly are you looking for in terms of filling open positions at your company so they can spot the right talent in the crowd.

6. Booth activation

Having a colorful and attractive display will draw attention to your booth. Especially if you make the information on benefits, jobs and locations well visible. It will give applicants starting point for conversation and make it easy to approach members of your team. It’s important that they will welcome candidates with a smile and welcoming attitude – not hiding behind the desks, but rather standing in front ready for interaction.

7. Attract talents with new technologies

Great way to draw attention to your brand is to showcase latest products and technologies you are working on. During the event, it will create a sense of innovation around your company and inspire talents to learn from you. For example, using VR technology, you will be able to enhance the candidate experience and take the recruitment process to the next level.

8. Be engaging

During the event your representatives should be on their feet engaging with event attendees as much as possible. Proactive attitude and strong communication skills are the key to your recruitment success. Treat all the attendants in personal and friendly way. Creating personal bond with your team members will positively influence your employer brand and make talents come to you.

9. Roll best candidates into recruitment process on the spot

After providing your candidates with positive experience don’t stop there, but directly roll them into the recruitment process. Be proactive, speak openly about opportunities at your company and ways to grow. After spotting the right profiles don’t wait and schedule interviews letting them know that they would be a great asset for your company. It will make them feel appreciated and valued from the very beginning of the recruitment process.

10. Follow up with candidates

Keep a record of the candidates with whom you met and be sure to store their information in your organization’s applicant tracking system or contact database. Following up with applicants is very important if you want to keep people interested in your organization. You should contact them right after the event when the experience of your brand is still alive.

If you look for events where you can meet only high skilled candidates, we have your back! Event like Top Talents Romania is a perfect place to interact with the best talents on the Romanian market. In order to be chosen, participants are going through a strict selection process, identifying profiles with outstanding background, skills and the right motivation. During the event your brand will be put in front of 250 high potentials ready to meet needs of every demanding employer. If you will stick to the rules from this article you will be able to create a positive and seamless experience with your brand and people around it. Keep our tips in mind and make your company shine on the next Top Talents event! For future collaboration, please contact us at angajatori@catalyst.ro


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