10 years of excellence in recruitment & employer branding [En]

September 22nd, 2016

This year, we mark the 10th anniversary of Catalyst Solutions.

10 years of amazing projects, amazing partners and amazing people.
For us, the first big moment was in 2006, the year we launched 4 of our major recruitment and employer branding instruments: Hipo.ro, Angajatori de TOP, Most desired employers and IT&C Career Guide.

Since then, we focus our energy on being the main partner for talent & employer branding solutions through our expertise and innovative instruments. During those years we shaped and designed 10 projects, with the desire to meet customers’ specific needs:
1. Hipo.ro We created www.hipo.ro in order to match the job offer between the best employers and the best candidates. What define Hipo.ro? The quality of the candidates database, only university graduates, 434.000+ unique registered users.

2. Angajatori de TOP. Over 1500 companies attended up to now the biggest recruitment and employer branding event in Romania. The event brings together over 170 from the most important companies in Romania, every edition throughout its physical and virtual editions. 10 years of successful editions mean more than more than 300 000 visitors.

3. Top Talents Romania become our framework for attracting the best talent. Since 2007 Top Talents is the largest student conference in Romania. Every year, 250 students are selected from a pool of over 1800 top applicants.

4. The Most Desired Employers. We perfected the concept of most desired employers since 2006. Every year, approx.. 11.000 people nominate the employers they would desire the most to work for, along with their perceptions and expectations regarding the working environment.

5. The Virtal Fair for Graduates. We focused on creating the right career event for graduates at the right time. The event help graduates find their perfect job right after finishing the studies. In the last ten years the project has evolved from 100 to over 600 career programs for graduates in 2016 and from 28.000 visitors to 200 000+ visitors in 2016.

6. Think Leadership an event specially dedicated to experienced professionals. Since 2014 over 350 candidates with 4-7 years of work experience and background in finance, sales, marketing, human resources, IT or logistics joined the event.

7. Consulting Days dedicated to students with goals in developing a career in consultancy. Since 2012, 750 graduates interact with companies every edition, developing their professional and personal skills.

8. The Employers’ Guide. Since 2006, based on our partner support we assume also an educational role for the students throughout the publication delivered twice a year. The publication contains career opportunities and useful article for students. In 2013 a record number were distributed at the national level, 50 000 free copies.

9. DevTalks. Since 2014 we established a new business unit focusing on IT events. The first event was DevTalks, followed by DevHacks, DevAfterWork and DevForJuniors. DevTalks become more professional with each edition bringing deep technical content and insight for the IT professionals. In the last years the project has evolved from 350 to over 800 IT professionals in 2016. DevHacks we create the first hackathon event for IT professionals. 24 hours of coding and 400 most talented IT professionals build sparking ideas in 2015. Also, for the IT professionals this year we initiated 2 new projects that are ready to be lauched: DevAfterWork and Dev For Juniors.

10. Sales Boot Camp. In order to offer better results when it comes to finding candidates, we piloted a series of new projects. The events are dedicated to top students and fresh graduates interested in developing a career in Sales, Engineering and Finance.

We promise you there’s more to come!

Thank you for celebrating with us the 10 years anniversary event! You can find the photo gallery here.

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