5 reasons to have your own hackathon

October 6th, 2020

In times when the wind is blowing for change, DevCon Live is taking DevHacks under its event umbrella. Maybe you`re wondering “What`s DevHacks?” and the answer is… It can be your own hackathon this autumn!

The 6th edition of DevHacks will bring together a diverse range of   IT enthusiasts. You will meet hackers, developers, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, young stars and great mindwho contribute to an everyday impact in the society. Meeting new people, confronting new ideas, being challenged by new solutions is a requirement for every business to thrive and prosper – especially in the IT sector.

See the 5 ways your company can benefit from hosting a hackathon!


1. New hire opportunities

Let’s say this straight: hackathons are a great way to find new people to your team. We know how hard is to spot quality IT candidates that are the right fit for your organization. Hackathon works like a magic spell that gathers creative, competent and self-motivated professionals in one place. Don’t waste your chance to network with them and find out whether they fit your team or not.

2. Share your resources & knowledge

By sharing your know-how and providing the guidance you will position your organization an involved employer that invests in people and for which learning is a continuous process. On top of that, you will gain visibility as an expert in the field among your target group.

3. Win ideas for your business

Another reason why a hackathon can be a great idea for your company is that during a hackathon, people can create an amazing extension of your product. During our past hackathons, we saw some great ideas being born and it’s up to you to take them to the next level by collaborating with the team that came up with the solution.

4. Test your impact on society

You position yourself in the market as a company that wants to bring a change in society and is involved in finding solutions to create a better future. By leading a hackathon, you can bring value and give birth to innovative ideas in whichever area you choose to have your challenge (real market, education, health, finance, smart cities, smart homes etc.).

5. Gain visibility among top companies, investors and media partners

Every event hosted by your company gives you the word of mouth and visibility. Successful hackathons help you to establish your company as experts in the given area, delivering the best experience for your company! We offer a complete array of online marketing solutions to fit your needs! Our optimization strategies have proven successful at helping your brand to meet the IT Professionals Network and to expose the brand to a wide range of technologies. At DevHacks you will interact with all the participants and your company will have custom branding in the live sessions.


Those are only a few of the reasons that top companies have joined us since 2014! At the 6th edition, DevHacks will bring together, this time online, over 140 IT professionals, 35 teams and mentors that will be part of intense competition of coding and different challenges. This can be your chance to have your personalized hackathon under the umbrella of DevCon and to contribute to the everyday impact on our society.

If you want to see how DevHacks looks like, just ask us more HERE and we will contact you soon!

For more details, contact us at angajatoridetop@catalyst.ro or 0746 464 444.

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