5 Ways to Develop Your Employer Brand [En]

Feb 15th, 2016

All companies, even if they are big or small, they have an employer brand, but it depends on each of them how much importance do they give to developing this aspect.

The perspective of building a strong employer brand has suffered many changes over the years. From the mid-1990s when the term “employer brand” has been defined, many companies started to focus more on increasing the organization’s reputation.

In order to make you aware of the power of employer branding, here are 5 tips that can bring improvements to your brand.

1. Get to know your target needs

What is your company rating on the market? Do you know what is the perception and expectations of students and professionals about your brand? It is very important to take in consideration all market insights for creating a strong employer branding strategy.

According to a recent study made by LinkedIn, most of Millennials (ages 18-35) are looking for career opportunities, not jobs, so if you want to attract the best of them you should sell them an appealing story. For that, you need to define your employer branding strategy by understanding your target, find the best channels to interact with them and define your Employee Value Proposition.

An example of a useful instrument that will help you with relevant data is The Most Desired Employers Survey that reveals statistic data based on potential employees’ opinion.

2. Use the employees’ power

A human-to-human strategy can work much better than a business-to-consumer one. Your employees are the drive of your brand, so in order to invest in promoting how good is your company, you should let your people speak from their experience.

By making them happy and engaged you will have better interactions with your clients. Moreover, a study made by Social Media Today reveals the fact that a content shared by an employee gets 8x more engagement than content shared by a company brand, because it’s more credible.

3. Write authentic content

What makes you attractive and how do you differentiate from other companies that are activating in the same industry? For sure, the content makes the difference. The message that you use has to be accurate and it should reflect all the benefits that will make any candidate choose you instead of any other company.

To “Post and Pray” is not enough for attracting candidates. Your company needs to become an employer of choice and regarding this objective, you need to win the trust of a candidate. Don’t make promises that you know you can’t keep, just for attracting people to apply. Be transparent, honest and share how their experience will be like by working for you.

4. Be more present online

The key to raise awareness and attract a large pool of talented candidates is to use all online channels at their highest level. Universum Global, the global leader in employer branding advice us to engage through social media platforms, because we offer this way transparency and an intimate relationship.

Moreover, a study realized this year by Business Insider says that 60% of Social Media time is spent on mobile. To be sure that your online efforts are not in vain, make your online pages mobile friendly, a very important aspect for any Millennial.

5. Measure your strategy effectiveness

Running a campaign with a catchy content is not enough. Before starting advertising is recommended to select some key performance indicators that will help you measure the final results. Don’t forget to register the impact of the online strategy in order to monitor the performance of employer branding and the ability of attracting high potentials.

According to a study realized by Harvard Business Review, only a half of the 2000 senior executives surveyed measure their social media activities and 69% will pay more attention to measuring the impact of their online campaigns.

If it’s done properly, a strong employer brand can bring you many benefits including: becoming a top-of-mind company on the market, it will raise your product or selling services and you will be the first choice for any high potential that is seeking for a new career.


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