7 Key Benefits Of Online Events – How DevTalks Reimagined Brings IT Community Together

COVID-19 has enforced social distancing and self-isolation to protect ourselves and others. We have to now adapt to a new reality where all the plans, events and activities are either being cancelled or postponed. However, the results of our latest research show us the demands for developers and other IT specialists remains high on the Romanian talent market, as 43% of companies continue to actively recruit in IT&C domainSurvey: Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing in times of COVID-19

Online events are now the only way to stay in touch with the talent community and mark your employer brand presence, which is now more important than ever.

That’s why in these challenging times we bring you an online IT conference – DevTalks Reimagined. DevTalks is reaching new dimensions with the use of advanced tech and networking tools, becoming a virtual playground to enjoy great talks and valuable discussions.

On the 10-12th of June, we will bring together over 4,000 IT professionals and 100+ international and local speakers, joining us from every corner of the world for the largest learning network for the developer’s community.

In this article, we will focus on the whole new spectrum of opportunities that are now opening up. Check our list to make the most of it and join us to celebrate together the power of technology that inspires us, keeps us connected, and helps us create a better tomorrow!


#1: You can make virtual conferences a huge win for speakers and therefore companies

Prepare for intense traffic on your website and building up new connections. Online features provide the opportunity to make it easier to have traffic and follow the speakers content. Presentations, videos, slides are now fully shareable and accessible to every participant of the web conference right on their screens.


#2 Meet a global audience

Connect with a larger and more international audience, many whom you’d never be able to meet at a physical event. Online events have the ability to reach a wider audience. Sometimes, candidates are unable to attend your in-person events due to time, budget or location. This is an opportunity to reach the passive candidates, the explorers, the ones that might have never opened an email about your services. You can count on that!


#3: Top Speakers now are more accessible

Get the support of speakers that you always wanted to bring but the costs were too high. Now you can easily access them from anywhere. Or we might discover together some valuable partnerships.


#4: Optimised Attendance

By going online there is no limit to the number of people attending the conference and therefore taking part in your sessions. This means you can spot the best talents in any location while expanding your brand awareness. The sky is the limit!


#5: Higher Engagement

Attending virtual conference takes off the pressure for those participants that are not comfortable with public speaking. Therefore, online interaction drives much more engagement as most people are more open to asking questions when they are not exposed to a physical audience.


#6: Evergreen content

A great thing about virtual conferences is that your content live presentations can be easily recorded and then reused across your channels. For example, you can turn the recordings into short video clips for your social media to expand your audience.


#7: More insights

Want to know who exactly attended your session, for how long and how engaged they were? Now, all that information can be at your fingertips. Why is this important? Knowing your viewing stats or engagement scores can really help you fine-tune your content and determine what’s working and what’s not, which can be helpful when creating content for your next event.


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These are just a few of the many ways in which online events can positively impact your company. To take advantage of these benefits join us for DevTalks Reimagined!

Register your interest on www.devtalks.ro and you will be the first to find the latest news about this edition of the event!

For more details, contact us at contact@devtalks.ro

See you at DevTalks Reimagined!

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