7 reasons for which job fairs IN-PERSON bring you the most benefits

Why be a partner at an IN-PERSON job fair when you have so many opportunities online? Most companies use digital campaigns, online events, portal jobs, or referral systems for their recruitment & employer branding strategy. It’s good, but not enough.  

Candidates receive thousands of ads a day, but most of the time they interact directly with very few. Indeed, if you succeed in getting their attention, you will stay in their mind for a period or make a conversion at that moment. But, how would it be if your team could transmit company values through your presence? You have a conversation with the candidate and can receive feedback immediately.   

We have been organizing employer branding and recruitment events since 2006. For 17 years, we designed innovative projects to attract the best potential candidates for the companies, experiencing both online and offline editions. One of the oldest events is the Angajatori de TOP career fair. 

This autumn, we are at the 33rd edition of Angajatori de TOP! The biggest job fairs in Romania.  Over time, we managed 5 editions of events online and 27 offline, and we identify different advantages for both.

We are sharing with you some reasons why our partners included Angajatori de TOP in their recruitment & employer branding strategy every year and what benefits offline event brings for them: 

  1. Have a real interaction with the candidates – they are in your face. At Angajatori de TOP, candidates are among the companies, they pass by each booth, and talk to the representatives from companies. It depends on you how you want to attract them and keep their attention at your booth.  
  2. Have access to a large number of candidates from your industry in a short time – attracting candidates and converting them into applicants can often take a very long time. At Angajatori de TOP, candidates will have their CVs prepared on Hipo.ro and will apply for your company just through one scan of their CV barcode. In 2 days of an offline event, you can collect relevant applicants for your jobs, your efforts being much smaller. 
  3. Transmit your values by telling your brand story – your team at the booth can make a difference. The candidates want to pass the barrier of your exposed brand and want to find out who the employer in front of them is. They are fascinated to find out how success was achieved and how the company became a TOP employer. Most of the time, the story and vibe the team transmits at the event remain in the candidate’s mind.  
  4. Increase brand awareness – we told you that online & offline presence are both important. Angajatori de TOP is everywhere and you can see it. You as a partner benefit from huge exposure through digital marketing & PR and outdoor campaigns.  
  5. Generate and gather resources for the future – maybe now you have just a few open positions and you don’t need more applicants, but you reduce recruitment efforts for a long time. Angajatori de TOP allows you to create a database with candidates who can become potentials employee. 
  6. Give proof of involvement in the community – your presence in the new generation environment is important because they see you as an active employer interested in their evolution. You can do different activities such as Quizzes, Treasure Hunts, etc. to offer relevant input from your company or products/services.  
  7. Monitor your competition – yes, other employers in your field will be present at the fair. At Angajatori de TOP will be over 81 partners in Bucharest and over 55 partners in Timisoara. You can observe their strategy and brand awareness.  

These are just some of the reasons you should attend the event. We are inviting you to meet candidates face-to-face and feel the atmosphere of the IN-PERSON event.  

Be a partner of the biggest career fair this autumn, Angajatori de TOP! It will be unforgettable!



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