For the First Time in Romania: National Intern Day!

March 2nd, 2023

Throughout the past 17 years, Catalyst Solutions has been providing employer branding services to their corporate partners, to outline successful business strategies. At the same time, it has been expanding its area of expertise through job portal. As a result of helping millions of candidates to meet the most desired employers, Catalyst Solutions gained notoriety in the labor market. This year, for the first time in Romania, both freshers and employers will celebrate “National Intern Day”! 

In 2023, one of the main goals is to pay attention closer to Generation Z identity and career perspectives. Catalyst Solutions brings their ideal opportunities into the spotlight. For the first time in Romania, launches “National Intern Day”! Employers can nominate their internship program until April 1st by filling out this form:

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May 23rd is the special day when both interns and internships will be celebrated!  

All the companies that invest in internship programs constantly help the next generation to grow professionally in Romania. These programs are essential in creating a pipeline of talented individuals who are prepared to enter the workforce and contribute to the growth of the economy. 

Interns play a crucial role in the workforce by providing companies with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.  Their energy, enthusiasm, and passion for their job need more appreciation. National Intern Day aims to change that by putting a spotlight on the importance of internships and the value that interns bring to the table. 

Why are internships a vital part of the educational process? They bring students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience and let them develop skills in a realworld setting. Internships also help individuals build their professional network and establish relationships with potential employers. 

What are the needs and aspirations of Generation Z regarding their career? 

This is the question that made Catalyst Solutions asked over 1.300 students and fresh graduates from Romania, to gather and analyze their answers in the “GENERATION Z BEHAVIOR ON THE ROMANIAN LABOR MARKET IN 2022″ study.  

They are the ones who want “living and working as one fluent process”. These freshers are the Digital natives, Networkers, clearly structured, defined as being realistic & creative at the same time. 51% prefer their work schedules to be full-time and flexible since it allows them to attend classes, courses, and exams. 45% expect the entire process of finding a program to last between 2-4 weeks and 48% expect to receive an answer for their application after they have sent it between 1-2 weeks.  

Why National Intern Day? 

Based on the valuable insights we gathered in our Gen Z study; we shaped this event entirely for interns, so it responds to their needs specifically. Growth, Education, Career Development, and Celebration will define National Intern Day! Even more, on May 23rd we will also launch Best Internship Programs in 2023 that employers can join by filling in a short nomination form! Not only that we want to emphasize their importance for both candidates and employers, but also to provide an easier way to bridge the gap between them. The ranking is based on their answers and the popular vote. The candidates will be able to apply to the nominated internship programs while voting for them.” – Maria Marin – Project Manager @National Intern Day 

On National Intern Day, it’s important to recognize the contributions of interns and the value of internships. By celebrating this day, we can inspire more young professionals to pursue internships. We need to help companies understand the significance of investing in internship programs that provide valuable learning experiences.  

Let’s sum it up!

Overall, National Intern Day is ready to become the Romanian event celebrating the best internship programs nationwide and the young participants. As we celebrate this day, let’s acknowledge and support the programs that provide valuable experience and skills to the next generation of professionals! 

 Employers can nominate their internship program until April 1st by filling out this form:

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