Actively engage Gen Z in potential careers!

March 20th, 2024

The landscape of the labour market is ever-evolving, and Generation Z together with it. As the workforce undergoes a transformative shift, we’re excited to delve yet again into the unique perspectives, preferences, and potentials of Gen Z professionals.

With tailored events and projects designed to attract and engage this dynamic cohort, we’re eager to uncover insights, share strategies, and showcase success stories in Gen Z recruitment in the following newsletter.

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What you can achieve as one of the most active employers on Hipo?

The Hipo platform allows you to highlight exactly the features junior candidates are looking for in an entry-level role:- flexibility of the program – roles can be published as on-site, hybrid or remote; remote roles are advertised in a dedicated section of the website;
– compensation and Benefits – you can choose from a pre-defined list of benefits;

● Access to CV’s database, with contact details from our database, to make sure their skills and experience match your ideal metrics, and what are the ones you should help candidates refine to success in their career paths
● Activate an effective means of communication, where besides offering candidates the opportunity to apply on the spot, Hipo also becomes a platform with special activations during both online and offline job/career fairs like Angajatori de TOP, Summer Career Fair, Internship & Trainee Marathon and more.
● Position yourself as a top-of-mind employer, visible to over 1.200.000 registered candidates
● Interact with candidates by using web multimedia experience: “Inside view” – you can include info about the company culture directly into your ad as a video (the preferred communication channel for Gen Z)

Find out how to best use Hipo to promote your junior roles. Talk to a dedicated account manager.

We are almost ready to release the Best Internships of 2024! We would like to say a huge thank you to this edition’s participants in celebrating National Intern Day who already nominated their program and became the biggest supporters of Internship Programs’ positive impact on students’ career paths!

LAST DAYS! If you have an amazing internship or trainee program, you still have time to nominate it for “Best Internship Programs in 2024”!


Internship & Trainee Marathon quickly becomes the preferred destination for young people seeking their first step in their careers. Thus, the project brings together in one place a variety of employers, a diversity of opportunities, a multitude of career resources through which candidates can enhance their employability level, as well as the innovation component.

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Summer Career Fair, as part of Internship&Trainee Marathon, is a national initiative that takes place on a 3D virtual platform, hosted by Hipo. Between 12th of June – 18th of August 2024, students and fresh graduates who are looking for internship & trainee programs, entry level jobs or apprenticeships can take the next step in their career.

Around 20 top companies will attend the event and will promote more than 200 career opportunities for graduates. The event will offer the perfect guidance through the recruitment & selection process and enables interaction with the targeted candidates through podcasts.

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In order to work efficiently and actively engage Gen Z in graduate programs and potential careers, it is important to understand this generation’s wants and needs within the workplace. So, how to build an graduate programme for Generation Z?

In the next edition of EBDialogue: “How to build a graduate programme for Generation Z from A to Z”, we will try to answer this question and much more:

• What are the types of programmes they want to get involved in (volunteering, extra activities, work and travel, internship, full time job, career events/workshops)?

• When are they available to start working in a professional programme/ entry-level job?

• What is the biggest challenge facing Gen Z?

• What are the things that would discourage them from applying to an Internship/ Trainee/
Management Trainee/ Entry-Level Job / Internship programme?

• What are the salary expectations based on the experience gained so far?

Register for this upcoming EBdialogue, when we meet in person, on April 18th, for the 10 A.M. coffee break!


For more information about the events above and any other Catalyst Solutions projects, please drop us a line at

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