Angajatori de TOP: the platform that amplyfies your Employer Branding and Talent Attraction efforts this fall!

August 8th, 2023 

This fall, we challenge you to question anything related to your company at Angajatori de TOP, the largest Romanian Career Fair with over 10,000 participants! 

Each year we celebrate two editions of the biggest career fair in Bucharest and Timisoara, and Online on a national scale – Angajatori de TOP. Counting 17 years of expertise in talent attraction and employer branding, taking part in this event is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your employer brand among professionals & students, engage and build a strong pool of active candidates.Through the 6-week omnichannel campaign, blending wide and very narrow, digital and outdoor localised marketing tactics, your brand will benefit from the media coverage needed to flourish. 

Some of the results from the past edition of Angajatori de TOP include:

In the two days of the event, you get the chance to interact directly with diverse profiles of candidates, at your employer booth, career workshops, editorial projects promoted to over one million candidates, brand activations (quizzes, treasure hunts), I LOVE Tech and B2B conferences in both Bucuresti and Timisoara. Angajatori de TOP Online offers, on the other hand, exposure to companies that aim to position their brand to a national scale, companies promoting remote or hybrid opportunities this autumn.  


  • Professionals – experience in the following areas: in IT, Telecom, Finance and Accounting, Banking Client Service, Sales, Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, Human resources, Consulting, Legal, Marketing;
  • High achievers – applicants with outstanding academic results, extracurricular activities and NGO involvement;
  • Candidates with advanced language skills in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Russian;

Interested to find out how the three Angajatori de TOP events could amplify your employer brand and talent attraction efforts?


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Tell us how much you invest in your employees!

S.T.E.M. and Cariera 360° are our career podcast, structured in the form of 20-minute live discussions, during Angajatori de TOP, about your projects and activity on the labour market, disruptive technologies and the way you use automatization in your tasks, you company culture, any programs helping form the NextGen, and the way you invest in the personal and professional development of your employees.
Through these podcasts, you can tell your story about building a career in the New Industry, provide ideas that changed your life for the better, thus, motivating a community reaching +30.000 candidates.

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All the above subjects can also be available in written form within a dedicated page in the autumn edition of Career E-books – a series of online publications, a useful recruiting solution, including brand ads, the latest job openings and career articles, reaching over 600.000 people online. During the fall edition, the guide brings articles, Top 100 employers and career opportunities. It offers a complete experience by using all the benefits of the online environment. Moreover, it represents a great foundation for your future recruiting and hiring efforts and a chance to endorse your company brand among the next generation of professionals! 

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How are you helping form the Next Gen?

Getting to know candidate perceptions and being up to date with how they change over the years, what makes them apply for a job, their aspirations and expectations, should be top priority for every company to sustain their hiring efforts. At Angajatori de TOP, there is a designated area for you to dive into new mindsets of Gen Z, how they affect the workplace and learn the tricks of attracting and retaining talent for the long-term.

Within Career Workshops, you can position your company in front of +20 candidates (in each targeted workshop) as an employer investing in the formation of the next generation of professionals, providing tips on CV metrics, skills to have in 2024, mental health, emotional intelligence, and effective communication at the workplace.

The career consultancy area also brings this edition over 10 HR and recruiting specialists who offer free personalized feedback for the interested candidates.

Furthermore, there is also a special NextGen section and Angajatori de TOP is the perfect place if you open, actively recruit young people or plan to launch an internship / trainee / student programme. Activating this way brings you an extensive media campaign exposure of over 50.000 candidates.

*For more photos from the past edition, CLICK HERE!

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Amplify your voice with a content project fit for your hiring efforts!

You might count yourself in the TOP Most Desired Employers or recruit massively, but maybe you lack the special incentives to reach new audiences and expand your search for talent. You can be promoted in any of our three focus content projects, whether you are participating at Angajatori de TOP for the first time, you are recruiting massively, or you are one of the Top Most Desired Employers. For these content projects, we prepared extra activations, such as stickers on booth and live studios.

For the companies having big recruitment plans in 2023-2024, Hipo Technology 100, as well as Hipo Business 100, are two content projects, articles promoted nationally among +400.000 people, from both industry profiles.
In addition, there is an extra content project exclusively dedicated to companies recruiting 100% remote; we observed as a conclusion to our Most Desired Employers 2023 study, the huge rising interest of candidates for the remote and / or hybrid jobs, therefore, we would like to bring these opportunities in the spotlight during Angajatori de TOP Online. This project will be promoted nationally, reaching +350.000 impressions and aiming to highlight partners that offer remote or hybrid opportunities in Romania.


Shine through the new concept for STEM audience!

Within Angajatori de TOP, position your company in an ultra-innovative setting at I LOVE Tech Conference. Laboratories operating areas such as DevOps, Web 3.0, and Artificial Intelligence, and over 20 candidates to work with, and two Tech conferences in which +70 bright students, graduates and young professionals gather to discover The Impact of IT on Humanity in Bucharest, and How Tech Leaders See The Future in Timisoara, will give you the chance to become a subject matter expert.
We have amazing masterminds of technology confirmed as speakers and moderators within I LOVE Tech Bucuresti:

  • Florin Manolescu, CEO at Academia Testarii
  • Abubakar Siddiq Ango, Developer Evangelism at GitLab
  • Franck Pachot, Developer Advocate at YugabyteDB

and I LOVE Tech Timisoara:

      • Mihai Matraguna, Founder of Platforma.deINFO and Software Engineer at Canon



Reach new heights in the job-hunting setting online and offline!

Angajatori de TOP offers you different coverage in terms of campaigns, depending on your resources and needs, in any of the three events.
During the 6-week digital campaign, benefit from a multichannel campaign in the form of paid ads, email marketing, and social media with a reach of over 500.000 impressions, as well as an extended outdoor campaign with +15.000 promotional materials (flyers, panels, posters), showcased in strategic areas such as the subway and buses.
In addition, present your activity and ideas on the radio and in local and national publications through our extended PR campaign. 


Tell your story!

We invite you to join our forces this fall at any of these three events organized under the Angajatori de TOP umbrella: 

  •  Angajatori de TOP Timisoara (13-14 October 2023, Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timisoara) 
  • Angajatori de TOP Online (16 October – 10 November 2023, 
  • Angajatori de TOP Bucuresti (27-28 October 2023, Sala Palatului),  

Those interested in becoming a partner for this edition of Angajatori de TOP can leave their details HERE! and one of our colleagues will contact you. 

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