The Best Internship Programs in 2024: 63 employers and 1613 votes

On May 23, 2024, Hipo launched a new edition of National Intern Day, along with the ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania. This project is unique at a national level, aiming to create a platform where companies can nominate their internship or traineeship programs, and young people can vote for the best ones. Each year, on May 23, the ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania is announced, a day when Hipo celebrates both interns and employers. This year, 63 programs were nominated, gathering 1,613 votes from young people with higher education.

From January to March 2024, companies nominated their opportunities for young people at the beginning of their careers. Following this stage, between April and May 2024, it was a period assigned to voting by young people. The ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania was determined based on the votes received, as well as the structure and benefits offered by the programs, evaluated according to the career needs and perspectives of young people, information derived from the Gen Z Behavior on the Labor Market in 2023 Study conducted by Catalyst Solutions. On May 23, 63 companies stood out in the Romanian job market, being featured in the first ranking of the best internship programs. Through this process, the most powerful tool was created for students and recent graduates when choosing their first career steps.




“Interestingly, in 2024, the top 3 programs have risen in the ranking compared to the previous edition. SLB climbed from 8th place (2023) to 1st place (2024), KPMG in Romania from 3rd place (2023) to 2nd place (2024), and Lenovo advanced from 5th place (2023) to 3rd place (2024). We are also pleased to see a variety of industries represented among the top companies: engineering, consulting, IT, FMCG, finance.” – Maria Marin, Project Manager National Intern Day



Hipo supports young people at the beginning of their careers by helping them explore the job market and apply for programs dedicated to them, while also providing employers with the appropriate portal to promote as many career opportunities as possible. It is important to recognize the contributions of young people to the growth of a business, the value of internships in shaping future specialists, and all the efforts of the team managing such a program. By celebrating this day, we can inspire more young people to follow dedicated programs and help companies understand the importance of investing in these programs. For more details about the ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania and how companies can contribute to recognizing the efforts and importance of programs dedicated to young people, visit this link.


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