Catalyst Solutions Joins EAEBA: A New Chapter in Employer Branding Excellence

We are thrilled to announce our membership in the European Association of Employer Branding Agencies (EAEBA), marking a significant milestone in our journey as a pioneer in the field of employer branding in Romania. Founded in 2006, we have been at the forefront of empowering businesses across Romania to attract top talent through innovative strategies and comprehensive services. Now, as a proud member of EAEBA, we are poised to amplify our impact and contribute to the advancement of employer branding practices on a European scale. 

Who we are 

At Catalyst, we leverage our extensive expertise and innovative tools to empower clients in attracting the right talent for their organisations. Our array of  employer branding advisory services spans from meticulous brand perception and competition landscape analysis to comprehensive employer brand audits, candidate persona development, and the formulation of authentic, distinct and relevant Employee Value Proposition.  

With a data driven approach, we have advised over 500 clients, helping them build strong employer brands and effectively communicate their Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) to both existing and prospective employees.  

Explore projects that will take your Employer Brand to the next level  

From our employer branding services (The Most Desired Employers Survey, EBcon, EBdialogue)Hipo, our No. 1 job board for professionals, graduates and students, career events (Angajatori de TOP, Remote & Hybrid World) and Gen Z initiatives (Internship & Trainee Marathon, Summer Career Fair, Finance Recruitment Day, Top Talents, Career eBooks), to IT projects (DevTalks Romania, DevCon, DevAfterWork, Rooftop Dialogue) , we are immensely proud of the results we have reached through them, and we are continuing to develop new concepts according to the trends redefining the Romanian labour market. 

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A new venture with EAEBA 

Our partnership with EAEBA represents a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning in the realm of employer branding. By joining forces with leading agencies across Europe, we aim for the same goals as EAEBA: 

  • Innovation through collaboration: Collaborative efforts foster innovative strategies that keep us at the forefront of employer branding excellence.
  • Strengthening networks: Each new member enriches the community with unique perspectives and valuable insights, enhancing our collective knowledge base. 
  • Enhancing learning: By working together, we can tackle common challenges more effectively and explore new possibilities within the field of employer branding.

Elevating Employer Branding Excellence: The Role of EAEBA 

The European Association of Employer Branding Agencies (EAEBA) stands as a beacon of excellence and collaboration within the dynamic landscape of employer branding. Founded in 2019 by six agencies from six different countries, EAEBA has quickly established itself as a driving force in shaping the future of employer branding practices across Europe. 

EAEBA serves as a unifying platform that brings together visionaries and industry leaders who share a common passion for elevating employer branding to new heights. At the heart of EAEBA’s mission is a commitment to fostering innovation and continuous learning within the realm of employer branding. Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise, members of EAEBA are at the forefront of developing strategies that resonate with both current and future talent pools. 

While EAEBA operates on an international level, its impact is deeply rooted in local communities across Europe. The companies part of EAEBA are: Amston (Lithuania), Brandfizz (Hungary), Catalyst Solutions (Romania), Clubgeist (the Netherlands), Cultimate (UAE), Instar (Estonia), tHRibe.World (Belgium), Tonic (the UK), YeaHR (Germany), Whydentify (Norway) and WTC (Spain). By leveraging the collective strengths of its diverse membership base, EAEBA members are equipped to address the unique challenges and opportunities present in their respective markets, driving tangible results for clients and businesses alike. 

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Looking ahead 

As we embark on this exciting new chapter with EAEBA, we are committed to sharing our expertise, learning from industry peers, and collectively shaping the future of employer branding in Europe. Our shared professionalism and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly elevate the standards of employer branding practices across the continent.  

We extend our heartfelt thanks to EAEBA for welcoming us into their network and look forward to contributing to the vibrant growth of the European Employer Branding community. Together, let’s inspire ideas, foster collaboration, and champion responsible workplace and recruitment practices. 

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