EBcon 2023 – Behind the Scene from Main Partner

May 9th, 2023

EBcon is the only international conference in Romania for entrepreneurs, recruiters, and HR enthusiasts. Its purpose is to provide learning and development opportunities for those who want to grow their businesses, attract talent and develop their leadership skills. EBcon 2023 will occur on May 11th in Bucharest, at Next Event Center by Globalworth Pipera. It will be a full day of presentations, workshops, and networking sessions focused on employer branding and talent acquisition!

Estera Anghelescu, Recruiting & Employer Branding Director at Kaufland Romania & Moldova, is excited to participate as a Speaker at EBcon 2023.

Estera recognizes the importance of staying up to date with industry trends, learning from other professionals, and sharing experiences about Employer Branding best practices. Therefore, she is eager to share the latest Employer Branding project targeting Gen Z for Kaufland – Grand Job Experience. EBCon provides an excellent opportunity for Employer Branding and HR professionals to connect, share knowledge, and inspire each other.


Why did you decide to join EBcon as a Partner?

Always being up-to-date with new trends in the industry, learning and interacting with other professionals, and sharing experiences about Employer Branding best practices are some of the reasons we joined EBcon We are happy to support this conference and to share with the audience our dearest Employer Branding projects, starting with our campaign “E timpul pentru ceva nou”. And this is what we stand for not only in our communications actions but within #TeamKaufland. We stand for new opportunities, new perspectives, and new successful projects together. As an 8 times designated Top Employer, we are more than eager to continue to pass on some of our practices and approaches. And what is more, we are eager to learn from other organizations.


What do you think events like EBcon bring to the EB & HR community?

Connecting with Employer Branding and HR professionals from other companies is a great learning opportunity, as well as a means of information exchange, being able to both inspire and be inspired by others. The mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences in such a dynamic field as Employer Branding is among the best ways to further identify solutions for your own teams. Most importantly, directly engaging with other successful EB stories motivates us to continuously pursue new approaches within our company, and at Kaufland, are all about growing.


What is the current state of the Employer Brand in your organization?

Our Employer Branding strategy is focused on a human-oriented approach, as we believe that people are our most important resource. We value each and every member in our team and we truly believe in the importance of an authentic, transparent and respectful collaboration. As firm believers in diversity and inclusion in all life aspects, we developed A.C.C.E.S., a program dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace. Apart from this, we believe in answering to various generational needs and we designed professional development programs for the young generation, namely Kaufland Internship Experience, Kaufland Trainee Program, Kaufland Talent Program and Grand Job Experience – where we opened the first Kaufland store in a well-known video game and invited gamers to practice in the virtual world for different jobs.


What Employer Branding subject did you decide to bring EBcon?

Talent Attraction and Retention of Gen Z is my main topic. At Kaufland, we believe in the immense potential of the young generation and we are happy to provide them with the tools and opportunities to kick-start their career. Our communications campaigns also target the young age, creating appealing messages that resonate with them. As I mentioned before, we developed the Grand Job Experience project, an initiative that spoke directly to the young audience. Additionally, our Social Media messages are constantly adapted to the latest trends, and we see how this sort of content constantly attracts Gen Z’s appreciation.


Why do you think it’s important to explore this subject at this specific moment?

Discussing the recruitment and retention of Gen Z is one of the key topics in the HR and Employer Branding industry, as young people are the future. Their fresh minds, creative ideas, and willingness to grow should not only be encouraged, but rewarded by employers. At Kaufland, as abovementioned, internships and trainee programs express our openness to invest in young professionals, as we understand that a guided journey can lead to a successful career. We constantly analyze the needs of our candidates and employees and we develop ways to integrate their expectations into our work culture. We value work-life balance, we provide a series of benefits, and we are dedicated to creating a positive work climate within our team. Flexibility, clarity regarding their career development, proven concern regarding the employees’ well-being, and transparent communication within their team are some of the aspects that matter the most for Gen Z entering the labor market. And, at Kaufland, we are driven to provide them with the necessary means for successful professional development.


If you would sum up and describe your EBcon experiences in one word, what expression would you use and why?

Finding only one word is truly challenging. I must say information sharing with all the industry professionals. This is how I would describe EBCon experiences. The synergy that is created in contexts like this not only brings us new and useful knowledge to learn from but inspires us never to stop growing.

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