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Through their opportunities and their programs, HP Inc are looking for visionaries who are ready to make an impact on the way the world works.

HP Inc Graduates Program (project included in Internship&Trainee Programme 2022) was the program dedicated to graduates who wanted to start their career in an international company, alongside a team of professionals.

The strategy adopted was to position the company in front of the candidates as one of the most desired employers, which offers development opportunities and then to attract young graduates to apply for one of the open positions within the program, both in the technical and business fields.

In order to achieve the objective, the promotion campaign took place for 3 months and included the following marketing channels:

  • Banner on Hipo.ro,
  • Inserts in Internship & Trainee Marathon monthly listing article,
  • Facebook & Instagram campaign,
  • Inserts in Internship & Trainee Marathon Newsletter,
  • Social media organic posts on our Facebook & Instagram page: Internship & Trainee Marathon, Organic post on our Hipo Jobs LinkedIn page.


  • marketing channels that gave us the best volume: online banner on Hipo.ro, Facebook & Instagram campaign and Inserts in Internship&Trainee Marathon Newsletter
  • we generated a considerable number of applicants for all open positions within the program
  • the company has gained a strong brand awareness among young people in both the technical and business field


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