What is the importance of Hackathons in the recruitment process? [En]

October 3rd, 2016

At the first edition of DevHacks, in 2015, we saw a lot of passion and enthusiasm from the participants to work on finding the best approach when solving a problem. This led us to meaningful conclusions about the importance of Hackathons not only for the participants, but also from the recruiters’ viewpoint.

As part of an industry that is changing day by day, the trigger for programmers and developers is to always improve their technical skills, stimulate their creativity with new challenges, discover good tools, or simply be part of shaping experiences where they can meet other IT professionals. One of the events that are providing these tools are Hackathons.

But looking at the bigger picture, Hackathons should also represent a must-have for the recruitment process in the IT field.

Putting all the advantages together, here is why recruiters should focus their attention on joining this type of event:

1.Hackathons create valuable environments

First, we can think at Hackathons as a place where all the creative ideas and innovative solutions come to life to meet the needs of our local reality. The intense competition will challenge the participants to develop smart solutions within a limited amount of time which means staying focused for hours and working under pressure. Also, collaborating with the team members will offer them support with the process, but it will also mean crucial moments of tension and doubt.

Coding for almost 24 hours creates a workflow that keeps the participants fully-engaged, and this represents a big opportunity for the recruiters that can actually have a 360° perspective about the working capabilities of the participants, without spending a lot of time and resources in the recruitment processes.

2.Hackathons reveal hard-working and a lot of talent

Apart of having fun, making friends and testing their own skills to win a prize, the concept behind this challenge is far more complex.

Participating at a Hackathon also means to force their limits and to be ready to give their best in the process. This shows a lot of passion and dedication from the IT professionals, and also ambition to accomplish challenging tasks that will impact the society.

3.Hackathons represent a win-win situation

For a company focused on recruiting the best candidates from the field, a Hackathon represents an opportunity to meet a powerful community focused on their personal and professional development. On the long term this means great employees who will work on constant improving their skills which will turn up into adding value to your company.

At Hackathons, the IT professionals are generating solutions that will impact the actual society in different categories, and the companies will be involved in the process offering their technologies, resources and insightful ideas.

If you want to give it a chance, we are inviting you to meet the IT community again at DevHacks, a Hackathon with purpose that will take place in Bucharest, on November 19-20!

For more details you can contact us or you can check out our event and website to see what we are preparing at this edition!

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