How the Junior IT Community can make your company grow? [En]

November 4th, 2016

The tech market is growing faster as industries and businesses began to invest more and more in software development, IT support or security, and become aware of the importance of the new technologies for our everyday lives. As this industry is getting bigger, we need to focus our attention and connect with the community in order to give back to them knowledge and support in the process of becoming professionals with every action they do, day by day.

But the struggle for the IT Community comes when companies tend to hire mid-to-senior developers and forget about this resourceful capacity of the IT juniors. As we have previously discussed here about the impact of generation Z, there is a talent pool of juniors that is waiting to shape their knowledge and to transform their passion into a dream job.

Right after they make the first steps in the field, the IT juniors seem an endless source of energy, fresh ideas and excitement about developing their careers. And they actually are. They come into the workforce ready to make a change and to show what they are capable of.

As this lap appears frequently in the recruitment process, this time we focused our attention more on building a bridge between the recruiters and the juniors that are growing right before our eyes.

What stands out for the juniors from the IT field?

  • Availability and willingness to work
  • Fast learning
  • Fresh talent ready to be shaped
  • The drive to accomplish more in a short time

At the beginning, starting their career may be overwhelming and puzzling, and recruiters can understand it as a threat for their company. But juniors have the eagerness to develop new skills and fulfill the tasks which will bring to table a boost of energy and a fresh perspective for your teams.
Moreover, the IT juniors are the next generation of developers, so what they need is to support and form them as if they will be the next managers or CEOs of your company.

What recruiters can offer in order to support the Junior IT Community?

  • Opportunities coming from the company
  • Visibility
  • Tasks that challenge them
  • Mentoring
  • A growth plan for their development

Investing time and resources in their personal and professional development would bring future developers with strong know-how and a think outside the box approach for their job. A long-term perspective for the company is mentoring the entry level developers and creating a trail&error context which encourages them to ask questions, test new technologies and improve their skills.

Another way to support the IT juniors in order to become professionals is to encourage them to join bootcamps, conferences & workshops, or any other project that is preparing them in a proper way.

Also, there are a big bunch of projects and events in the market that contribute to the growth of the community. Even if there are technical sessions of talks, workshops for a practical experience or just meetings to connect the community, they become a big opportunity to be aware of.

Where will these junior enthusiasts gather this autumn? On November 12th we are launching the perfect set to meet the needs of the Junior IT Community.

Under DevTalks umbrella, DevTalks for Juniors represents a one day bootcamp concept with a practical approach to the junior’s learning process and focus on know-how. The local and international speakers will support them with insightful conferences and workshops, and also will lead their way by giving answers and talking about the challenges they will meet along the way.

If you want to get involved in growing this event together, don’t hesitate to contact us at
Also, if you are curious about the next steps of the event, stay close to our website and we will keep you updated will all the details you need.

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