31 engaging career pages in Romania

September 15th, 2017

We discovered career pages are very popular tools among jobseekers, but to be effective, they should tell your company story and inspire future employees.

We’ve collected some career pages examples to illustrate how they communicate their company message. We also share our insights on why we like them :)

While we think that having an up to date career page is very important, we must acknowledge that job boards lead the way as a proffered channel to collect information about potential employers.

If you want to keep the same high standard an all touchpoints, you should definitely read our article detailing how to create an enticing company profile.

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1. Amazon

Why we love it: Amazon provides a possibility to participate in a topnotch candidate experience. Their career page gives a peek at inside work environment and provide access to 200+ personalized employee profiles in Pioneers Section. If you are already impressed you don’t know everything yet! Each of those profiles leads to current job openings. It’s practical and humanizes the company at the same time. Job descriptions define the principal roles and responsibilities of each position and the role it plays in the Amazon strategy. Above the apply button we get a short summary of key requirements. This little trick helps to eliminate those who don’t really measure up with the opportunity.


2. Accenture

Why we love it:  We love the idea of video testimonials where people from different parts of the word are using one word to describe their career in Accenture. This, together with informal language (for e.g. coolest project) make the company feel like a fun and open place to work. Career page step by step leads you to job search engine where you can precisely define what you are looking for.  You can also keep in touch with Accenture by following their career blog, providing real time updates and useful career tips. It’s a great way to make people feel informed and engaged.


3. ING 

Why we love it:  This company likes to break all the stereotypes about banking sector. They are well known for communicating in daring and playful way. Colorful animations send out a friendly vibe about the company. We loved the idea of the interactive game where potential new recruits can check how they fit with the company. By giving personal impression about showed pictures you get the feedback that encourages you to explore current job openings. In both ends of the job offer you can easily find the orange apply button.


4. EY

Why we love it:  On its career page, EY asks you a direct question: Are you ready for the future? It already brings up an adventurous spirit! By using simple design, the company informs about important numbers and perks that make it a great place to work. The job offers are organized into bullet points which make them easy to go through. What’s also great, EY gives an authentic look into company culture through videos of employees collaborating and socializing.


5. Ubisoft

Why we love it: Ubisoft came up with a 20th anniversary video showing everyday life at work in a fun way. Open positions can be found under Hot Jobs what sends out relaxed vibe about the company. What’s cool you can meet and connect with potential recruiters. But what we liked the most was the personal invitation from the Managing Director. This small detail makes their communication direct and one of a kind.


What we can learn from those companies is how important is to find your own voice and present your business in clear and true way. You ain’t going to transmit the real side of your company culture if using stock photos.  Instead, use the unique personality of your employees to show human side of your business.

 And finally, last but not least: The rest of career portals that we also find pretty amazing:

6. Kaufland Romania

7. Hella Romania

8. KPMG Romania

9. Enel Romania

10. Veeam Software

11. Continental Romania

12. Vodafone Romania

13. Groupe Renault Romania

14. Coca-Cola HBC Romania

15. Orange Romania

16. P&G

17. NN Asigurari de viata

18. Bosch Romania Group

19. Bitdefender

20. BCR

21. eMAG

22. DB Global Technology

23. Banca Transilvania

24. Schaeffler Romania

25. Unilever

26. Dell Technology

27. Nestle Romania

28. EA

29. Raiffeisen Bank

30. IBM

31. Zitec 

If you want to keep the same high standard an all touchpoints, you should definitely read our article detailing how to create an enticing company profile.

Read more here >>

You know a career page from Romania that should be on our list? Do not hesitate to tell us at angajatori@catalyst.ro

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