National Intern Day: Pave the future of tomorrow’s leaders

February 8th, 2024


As a result of helping millions of candidates to meet the most desired employers through, Catalyst Solutions gained notoriety in the labor market. 

In 2024, we are continuing to pay even closer attention to Generation Z identity and career perspectives. Catalyst Solutions brings their ideal opportunities into the spotlight, by organizing the second edition of National Intern Day – May 23rd becomes the most special day when both interns and internships will be celebrated and encouraged on the paved way to excellence!  



Becoming a top supporter for the young generation and their career paths

By celebrating National Intern Day, a unique initiative in Romania, we can inspire more young professionals to pursue internships and be on top of the game when it comes to learning, making powerful connections, and landing on the ideal fulfilling position. Moreover, we recognize employers’ efforts by putting into spotlight programs of the highest quality which are key elements in the shaping of the next generation of youngsters entering the Romanian workplace.  

Joining National Intern Day for the second edition means: 

  • Becoming one of the biggest supporters of the positive impact internships have on the students’ & graduates’ career paths, 
  • Being one of the critical factors that shape the future generation of professionals and make positive shifts in the Romanian workplace. 

We also need to help companies understand that being top supporters and investing in internship programs and providing valuable learning experiences for youngsters at the start of their career comes with amazing benefits for both employer branding and recruitment endeavours. 

  • Increase your employer brand directly to your key audience as one of the major factors that invests in their future careers 
  • Receive the “Best Internship Program in 2024” badge as a recognition of the high quality program you provide and for your team’s efforts 
  • Exposure to over 600.000 students & recent graduates with a 2x frequency through an omnichannel awareness campaign and over 2.000.000 impressions on a multi-channel digital campaign 

Based on the valuable insights we gathered in our Gen Z study; we shaped this event entirely for interns, so it responds to their needs specifically. Growth, Education, Career Development, and Celebrationwill define National Intern Day! Even more, on May 23rd we will also launch Best Internship Programs in 2024 that employers can join by filling in a short nomination form! Not only that we want to emphasize their importance for both candidates and employers, but also to provide an easier way to bridge the gap between them. The ranking is based on their answers and the popular vote. The candidates will be able to apply to the nominated internship programs while voting for them.” – Maria Marin – Project Manager @National Intern Day

Understanding Gen Z’s career aspirations and needs

Last year, our motivation to find more about the generation with technology at their fingertips unveiled the thoughts of 751 Gen Z Romanian candidates, still studying at university or recently graduated in the fields of business, tech and socio-humanities, who participated in our survey between February and April 2023.
Employers who are prepared to provide a positive and rewarding work experience daily, are able to welcome these younger workers, most of them driven by a strong sense of security, concerning money and benefits.
One of the most crucial points in this study was the reasons why Gen Z are more likely to engage in an internship than in an entry-level part time job. All in all part time jobs are equally advantageous and disadvantageous, where flexibility and no career gaps are serious considerents for candidates.  

But why are internships better? Internships can help students apply learnings from university in real world settings. Building on professional skills and on an extensive contact list can help tremendously post-graduation. On the downside, and the application process for internships is usually more competitive. The takeaway from this is that Gen Z behaviour might have a tendency towards better learning experiences in a real world setting with a lot of constructive feedback during an internship.

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Pave the way for Gen Z with us!  


We are launching “Best Internship Programs in 2024” of which your company has the opportunity to become a part! We are thrilled to invite you to register your internship program by filling in the form, available until March 1st 2024! For more information about National Intern Day or any of our projects and events, do not hesitate to drop us a line at 

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