Celebrating Interns and Employers on National Intern Day: Our Dedication to Young Professionals

4th of July 2024


At Catalyst Solutions, we pride ourselves on being internship ambassadors, dedicated to guiding students and graduates as they embark on their career journeys. Our initiatives and projects are tailored to help young professionals find their footing in the job market, providing them with opportunities to gain invaluable experience and build essential skills. One of our flagship events, National Intern Day, is a testament to our commitment to fostering connections between talented youth and top employers. 

National Intern Day 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Internship Programs 

On May 23, 2024, Hipo proudly launched a new edition of National Intern Day, accompanied by the much-anticipated ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania. This annual event stands out as a unique national initiative, creating a platform where companies can showcase their internship and traineeship programs, and where young people can cast their votes for the best ones. Each year, May 23rd becomes a day of celebration for both interns and employers, recognizing the vital role that quality internships play in career development. 

This year, an impressive 63 programs were nominated, attracting 1,613 votes from higher education students and graduates. The journey to this day began in January 2024, when companies nominated their internship opportunities. From April to May, young people were invited to vote for their preferred programs. The final ranking of the Best Internship Programs in Romania was determined by the votes, alongside a thorough evaluation of the programs’ structure and benefits, aligning with the career aspirations and needs of young people. 

Showcasing the Best: Insights from Top Employers 

The announcement of the Best Internship Programs in Romania not only highlights outstanding programs but also provides a platform for the winning companies to share their insights and opportunities. These companies play a crucial role in National Intern Day, demonstrating the significance of offering robust internship programs. Their testimonials serve as inspiration for other employers and for the young generation seeking to kickstart their careers. 

For instance, companies that topped the rankings this year shared how their comprehensive training, mentoring, and career development initiatives have made a significant impact on their interns. By prioritizing hands-on experience, professional growth, and personal development, these employers set the standard for what effective internship programs should look like.

“We believe in the potential of our interns and are continuously striving to be the place they aspire to join; where they can grow, develop, and become professionals and leaders in their fields. We are proud of this achievement and thankful to our interns for starting their careers with us. We look forward to welcoming more talented interns and maintaining our position as the Best Internship Program in Romania.” – Kenneth S Liland, SLB GBS Talent Acquisition Manager

“Our internship program, Lenovo RISE UP, is dedicated to providing students with an authentic corporate experience. By engaging interns in small, focused teams working on real projects, we ensure they gain hands-on experience in all project phases, from design to delivery. This approach equips them with invaluable skills such as teamwork and collaboration. Being ranked #3 by the very students we aim to empower is a testament to the quality and impact of our program. As leaders in the tech industry, we take immense pride in setting the benchmark for internship programs, continuously driving innovation and excellence. We remain committed to enhancing our initiatives to better prepare young talents for the future.” – Ileana Petrisor, Director Software Development at Lenovo Romania

“This award was the perfect way to welcome our new intern cohort! It is a testament to a successful partnership; together, we have set new standards for internship programs in our region. Thank you, Hipo, for starting this initiative and making it a motivation to deliver the best experience for young talent.” – Madalina Nitu, Senior University Talent Partner at Adobe

“For us, investing in the education of young people is strategically important, and we consistently provide junior candidates with the opportunity to develop essential skills for their careers. Each year, we offer over 1000 opportunities nationally for high school students, university students, and graduates in various fields, including production, research and development and the service industry. Over the past 30 years of continuous development in Romania, we have tailored our programs to meet the organization’s needs and candidates‘ expectations. Currently, we offer over 15 programs for juniors, such as the Working Student program, Junior Managers Program, several internship programs, academies, competitions, master’s degrees, courses and more. We are delighted to be one of the most desired employers among students and take pride in investing in the training of the next generation of professionals. Being recognized in the top internship programs at the national level is important and encourages us to continue this effort.” – Cristina Corello, Country HR Director at Bosch Romania

“The METRO.digital Traineeship Program is designed to provide students and graduates with valuable practical experience in the field of technology and digital development. Throughout this program, interns are given the opportunity to work on real projects, learn from experienced professionals, and develop their technical skills and essential soft skills for a successful career. We strongly believe that supporting and mentoring young talented individuals is an investment not only in their future but also in our future as an organization. National Intern Day represents a remarkable initiative that highlights the importance of quality internships and acknowledges the efforts of companies that invest in the development of young talents. It is an excellent opportunity to share our experiences and learn from other companies that share the same values and commitments. By participating in this initiative, we aim to inspire and motivate other organizations to create internship solutions that provide learning and educational experiences for students and graduates. Each intern who has completed the METRO.digital Traineeship has brought new ideas and positive energy, contributing to innovation and growth within METRO.digital. Participation in National Intern Day is not just a competition for us, but a celebration of our commitment to education, innovation, and talent development. We are excited about the future of young professionals and the role we can play in their development.” – METRO.digital

“The Technology Graduate Programme from LSEG in Romania has provided an excellent way to engage with students and fresh graduates eager to integrate technology into finance. At various targeted events in Bucharest, we connected with enthusiastic young professionals who shared their career aspirations. We discussed more about what the programme can offer and the expectations they have about their career development. Moreover, our participation in National Intern Day was a highlight, showcasing LSEG’s exciting opportunities for young talent. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration next year.” – Raluca lordan & Tatiana Baltasiu, Technology Graduate Programme Leads at LSEG in Romania

“Being at our first participation in the Best Internship Programs in Romania, we are honored for having been voted by so many youngsters. We are thrilled to have our program recognized for its value as we firmly believe that internships can bridge the gap between students and professional world, by investing in their personal and professional growth. We hope that this recognition will attract even more talented juniors at Genpact and set us as a leading organization in supporting young talent. Their endorsement inspires us to keep pushing boundaries and pave the road for meaningful careers. Genpact’s employees are highly skilled, having a mindset of continuous learning and experimentation. They are dedicated to guiding the younger generation, helping them explore and seize the unlimited world of professional opportunities.” – Nicoleta Azoitei, Romania HR Business Partner Lead at Genpact

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Opportunities for Young Professionals 

As we move forward, Catalyst Solutions remains committed to providing platforms that connect young people with promising career opportunities. This summer, we are excited to present Summer Career Fair and Internship & Trainee Marathon. These two events are designed to further support young professionals by offering them direct access to employers, career advice, and the chance to explore a variety of roles across different industries. 

Summer Career Fair will bring together leading companies and eager job seekers in an interactive, dynamic environment. Meanwhile, the Internship & Trainee Marathon will offer an intensive series of opportunities for students and graduates to engage with top-tier internship and trainee programs, helping them gain the experience needed to succeed in their chosen fields. 

Join Us in Empowering the Next Generation 

We believe in the power of internships to transform lives and launch careers. We invite all companies to join us in our mission to support young professionals through our upcoming projects. By participating in events like Summer Career Fair and Internship & Trainee Marathon, employers can not only find the best and brightest talent but also play a vital role in shaping the future workforce. Together, we can inspire and empower the next generation, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to thrive and succeed in their career.

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