The people that bring together 40.000 IT professionals and developers at Romanian tech events

October 18th, 2022

After two years of reimagined projects and moving on the virtual space all the events, Catalyst Solutions is returning with new experiences in hybrid format, but with more focus on the physical events. The company is formed by 7 departments and with 16 years of experience offers full-services of employer branding. All the team work with partners who wants to attract and recruit people who want to put their passion into the organizations where they work.

One of 7 departments is the IT department, a team where people shape constant projects and develop events for the IT community from Romania and Moldova. For 9 years, Catalyst Solutions under DevTalks umbrella, organize the largest expo-conference for software developers and IT professionals from Romania, having almost a community of 40.000 tech enthusiasts.

“Whether we are talking about conferences, masterclasses, workshops, expo-conferences or concepts specially thought for clients, Catalyst Solutions aims to unite leaders from the IT industry, evangelists, speakers and professionals from all over the world. We want, and here we are succeeding for 9 years, to deliver quality content and connect industry experts in a strong regional community, such as Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov and other tech centers of interest. We are a team that practically wants to offer both companies and participants unique experiences and concepts that respond to their needs” – Andreea Balaci, Delivery Manager at Catalyst Solutions.

Autumn is a good period for launching projects, but especially for the implementation of the annually events that return in physical format. This September, for example, brought a new and fresh concept to the IT community – DevCast. This is a podcast that aims, as its motto says, to make waves in the IT community by discussing topics of interest to a target audience: leadership, entrepreneurship, success stories of businesses from the industry, but also of employees or IT professionals. CEO, CTO, CIO, directors, Sr. Engineers are invited to the discussion or a tech enthusiasts who have an inspirational story for the community, they all are welcome.

At the end of the month, more precisely on September 28, the first Rooftop Dialogue was launched, which represents an invitation to network for the IT community. The Catalyst Solutions team together with a reliable partner created a special space to encourage the exchange of experiences and information between 110+ participants. This event can be an opportunity in the companies’ recruitment strategy, as the informal discussions and the direct approach of the speakers take place in a relaxed atmosphere. This concept is under the umbrella of DevAfterWork, a series of free events special created for the IT community.

DevAfterWork is by definition a meeting after work between friends, acquaintances or simply with people passionate about technology from the community they belong to. These meetings can be physical or online and offer the opportunity to Catalyst Solutions partners to communicate externally the brand and its needs. They can also promote their professionals and their experience through an agenda special designed. Some partners appreciate the targeted audience and through the dedicated keynotes they end up being appreciated and sought after as potential employers.

“We do everything with passion and that’s why we always think about what would attract the target audience and what we could do better to be unique and impactful. We enjoy the new projects launched, the constant meetings of DevAfterWork, but the challenge appears in November when we implement two events that we want to take to another level, DevCon and DevHacks. DevCon is a premium conference that returns in physical format to Bucharest and DevHacks is a 24-hour hackathon, in which participants will find impactful solutions on topics given by partners” – Carla Tirnacop, DevCon 2022 Project Manager.

The transition to physical events is happening gradually, that’s why the 4th edition of DevCon will be physically organized in Bucharest on November 9 and 10, at the NORD Events Center in Pipera. In parallel, the event will also be held online for those who want to follow a valuable agenda, with a special technical content created by local and international IT professionals. Together with reliable partners, such as Systematic from the position of Main Partner, Catalyst Solutions will create a unique experience for the IT community and bring speakers from RedHat, Meta, Microsoft, Systematic, IBM and many others. They will share their experiences on the 4 stages Java, DevOps, Data, AI & ML, Web & Mobile and discuss the latest trends and technologies so as to contribute to the development of the future of the IT industry. The DevCon experience is an incomparable one thanks to the atmosphere created by the partners’ booths that will prepare surprises, but also by dedicated areas such as Automotive Area, .Net Area, Gadgets & Testing Area, EduTech Area.

The fall will end in the same location, but with the DevHacks project, a programming marathon for 24 hours. It will take place on 19-20 November and over 140 participants will share their knowledge to find impact solutions in the areas like Climate Chance, Social Impact, TechEdu, FinTech and Gaming. The partners will offer challenges that we face in our everyday life and under the theme of The Code Factory, inspired by the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the participants will be guided by mentors to present winning solutions in front of a jury formed by IT professionals.

Organizing events is just one of the strengths of the Catalyst Solutions IT team. The concepts and campaigns specially created for the clients’ needs are part of the same portfolio and top IT companies find solutions through the uniqueness of the implemented projects.

“The basis of the concepts is actually the need for employer branding of companies from the IT industry. Each project has in background a complex campaign with national, even international coverage. For example, this month we launch a new concept developed by LSEG Romania in the FinTech area, Tech Connect – online one and a physical one – Tech Connect Open Day at London Stock Exchange Group Romania” –  Andreea Balaci, Delivery Manager at Catalyst Solutions.

Tech Connect by LSEG Romania is a hybrid event, dedicated to all types of software developers, from students and recently grads to experienced programmers. On 26th of October, LSEG team will meet with senior developers and they will discuss about the latest trends in FinTech. On 27th of October, the same team are waiting for the students at Tech Connect – Students Open Day, held at LSEG office. During the technical workshops, the participants will learn more about Java, Cloud, Data Modelling, while having demo sessions and live coding.

2022 sums up tens of projects and hundreds of partners, hundreds of hours of quality content and international speakers who are eagerly awaiting the next invitation to the Catalyst Solutions events. After the last editions, some speakers are waiting for the physical events of this autumn and send us their thoughts such as Carlos Mota, Android Tech Lead & KMP Architect @Avancee Software – One of the most complete conferences! With all the challenges of doing an online event, the DevCon team managed to organize one of the best conferences that I’ve virtually attended. Can’t wait for 2022 edition — looking forward to tasting that Timisoreana with all of you”.

The future sounds very good when technology is involved and are organized projects with impact for the romanian IT community, but also outside the country. For 2023, Catalyst Solutions wants to take IT projects to the next level and is preparing several surprises for June aspiring beyond borders.

If you want to join us, you can book your seat at Catalyst Solutions events bellow:

  • DevCon – in-person – Bucharest, NORD Events Center & online – 9 – 10 November – Register here.
  • DevHacks – in-person – Bucharest, NORD Events Center & online – 19 – 20 November – Register here.
  • You can join us at DevAfterWork events
  • Watch DevCast here and subscribe our channel for next episodes.

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