Bosch – Recruitment Event Case Study


Recruitment Event Case Study

Type of the project: Open Day Event

Services: Employer Branding, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Event Marketing

The Customer – Bosch

Bosch is an international leader in the equipment and services sector. The company has been present in Romania for more than 20 years and employs approximately 5,000 associates. In Cluj-Napoca, Bosch operates a research and development center as well as a production unit for automotive technology. Over the last few years company was expanding its research and development activity in Romania and decided to invest in building the new engineering center.

The Challenge – Meet Bosh hiring needs

Bosch invested 25 million euros into a new engineering center in Cluj-Napoca. Therefore, it was a perfect moment to raise awareness of Bosch as an Employer and set the brand apart from other automotive competitors in the region. Our main objective was to attract attention of engineering students and professionals with tech background through direct interaction to form strong bonds with the brand.

The Solution – Discover Bosh Campaign

We started up with multi-channel awareness campaign followed up with two big events. The purpose was to create a community passionate about automotive technology and make them excited about working for Bosh. Besides advertorial and micro website on we activated campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn.


After targeting the relevant candidates with online campaign, we invited them for a special event where they could learn more about Bosch and take part in a series of workshops dedicated to advanced technology. Participants were able to find out more about Bosch history, current projects and company culture straight from its employees. By doing so, we manage to increase trust and engagement which brought great results in terms of recruitment and brand awareness.

The Results – Winning the applicants

At the end, we created an ultimate Bosh experience for engineering students, fresh graduates and young professionals who had the chance to immerse themselves into company culture and see Bosh from the automotive site through eyes of current employees.

Results in numbers:

  • Career Portal Activation: We reached a pool of over 15,000 candidates from through a dedicated micro-website, web-banners, personalized postings and emailing campaigns.
  • Social Media Campaigns: With our posts we reached over 1,200,000 impressions through Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Content Marketing Campaign: By planning and delivering relevant content and promoting it on the large scale we generated over 2.000 page views.
  • Bosch Cluj Recruitment Event: Combining the talent scouting campaign with online promotion, we targeted and approached more than 11,000 students & professionals, who were invited to take part in presentations, workshops and eBike test-drives and plant tours.

As a result, we were able to deliver 590 relevant applications for Bosh programs and career opportunities.


But most importantly, we create a community of interested candidates who showed up on the actual events in order to expand their knowledge and learn more about Bosh as an Employer.

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