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Last edited: October, 2019

In 13+ years of experience in large scale events architecture we’ve focused our attention on creating the greatest IT Conferences in Romania, where the IT professionals can develop new personal and professional skills.
Since then, the challenges have been enormous but the satisfaction is the end result that saves the day.

Speakers, Exhibitors, Partners, Participants, Lunches, Coffee, Tons of coffee, 50 + crew in organizing events, endless structures, endless SQM of banners, needless to say how many things you should take into consideration when designing a journey.

But what is the goal? Why this journey?

For the IT industry, 2014 was a year of growth as companies from various IT & Telecom sectors entered the market. So, in order to give back and invest in the community, our focus was to create different contexts where the IT professionals can grow and meet in an informal space.
First edition of DevTalks, in Bucharest, gathered 460 participants. Our expectations were to meet with 350. Yes, that you should name as a challenge, try to fit 460 in a 5 star hotel and assure the comfort they needed. We did it!

Gathering over 2,500 developers in Cluj and Bucharest, DevTalks developed as the largest IT conference in Romania. Since then, DevTalks brings out every year the major key ingredients to explore the latest trends on Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, IoT, Security,  or Artificial Intelligence.
We thought that when getting bigger, things get simple. Yes, optimistic view. Here is the deal, 2500 developers have expectations, so let’s refocus and here it goes:

Networking, Speakers, Experience, 3 key details for the perfect IT Conference

What makes DevTalks a great community? Surely just a gathering of IT professionals at the same place won’t help create strong bounds. As part of an IT community, it is important to find yourself in an environment that facilitates sharing ideas and meeting new people with the same interests as you.
Apart from the content based sessions, DevTalks is about fun and sharing experiences for both specialists and top IT partners. That’s why, at the event you can find several interaction areas like Exhibition, Fun, Gadgets, Startups or Networking. The deal is for you to find the ingredients you need that day. Our recommendation is: hear good stories, inspire yourself, and be part of a community that you can always count on!

Continuous learning experience

As the community is getting bigger, we need to focus our attention to the IT juniors that might have different interests and learning needs. In 2016, a new community formed around DevTalks for Juniors, a one day learning process set in a practical frame. As we have launched the pilot edition, we took our learning points as well, and the next edition will include a huge space, workshops, gadgets and a fun experience for our junior community.
What is the importance of getting connected with an IT community when you are junior? Getting involved in an event does not represent a limited experience. As soon as you get to know the community, you will be part of a continuous learning process through open information exchange and informal discussions to inspire or guide you along your career. This is just a sketch of the entire experience, so stay tuned for more info!

Bigger Impact

Stepping into the “world of programming” means discovering new grounds and staying up to date with the latest trends in technology. Joining Hackathons means getting to know other people that are willing to accept new challenges and find solutions that can have a positive impact on our everyday life.
DevHacks is just an example of how you can produce a bigger impact on the local reality by providing creative and innovative ideas; also, the energy, the crazy ideas and the sleepless hours will bring you closer to the coolest part of being an IT professional. Let’s unite our forces and transform the local reality as we will launch a great experience sooner than you’ve expected with a more representative format. Keep you on the loop!

Let’s stretch more to meet the IT community in an informal context

Everybody has busy periods of time, and when everything returns to normal, you feel the need to reconnect with those around you. This is how a new event concept appeared, creating an environment that gives a fresh boost of knowledge and fun after the working hours. This is how we work. Each space we design is personalized and rebuild from scratch.

DevAfterWork represents a key event for the IT&C Community where participants have in-depth talks with top specialists from local IT companies. We’d like to think that DevAfterWork is the perfect environment to reconnect with the IT community and stay informed.

Other events that might interest you:

DevCon – IT Conference in Bucharest focused on top notch content on Java, Security, AI & Machine Learning, QA & Testing

DevHacks – a 24 hours Hackathon hat focuses on the intersection of the technology and society. Our mission is to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, from young IT professionals to seniors, from developers to designers and to ignite the flow of ideas between different participants.
Long story short: we design a journey for each event and we create everything always keeping in mind the goal of gathering the IT Community in one place.


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