Unlocking Success: A Comprehensive Round-up of Catalyst Solutions Projects and Events

January 19th, 2024

As companies navigate the ever-evolving demands of talent acquisition, the strategic blend of innovative projects and impactful events stands as the beacon guiding them toward sustainable growth and workforce excellence. 

This article serves as your backstage pass into the realm where businesses actively shape their identity as employers of choice. Join us at the beginning of 2024 on a new journey through a curated round-up, where we delve into the results of the diverse projects and events, we had in 2023, and what we expect in the new year! 

Catering to the vibrant and tech-savvy Gen Z candidates! 

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As we reflect on the past year, it’s evident that our commitment to empowering and nurturing the talents of Gen Z has been a driving force behind the success of these projects. From cutting-edge virtual career fairs that seamlessly integrated with their digital lifestyles to interactive workshops on the latest industry trends, we ensured our events, all stacked under the Hipo.ro umbrella, were not only informative but also engaging for this forward-thinking generation. Through our Hipo career portal, these events, both online and offline, gathered over 1,200.000 candidates, registered on Hipo. 

To ease the process for candidates of getting their first internships and entry-level jobs, Internship & Trainee Marathon, a project powered by Hipo, became the first and the biggest jobs marathon, running on an all-year long campaign, which entails and promotes high-quality internship / trainee / management trainee / entry level job programs to over 800.000 young job-seekers in the country. 

Support your junior recruitment plans for the finance department, and help illustrate the right framework for the development of young people with Finance Recruitment Day, the only event in Romania dedicated to finance, accounting and banking students and fresh grads!Position your company as a top employer in Finance, Accounting, Audit, Banking or Taxes, among 35.000 students and young professionals present at Institutul Bancar Roman!  

SAVE THE DATE for March 9th 2024!  

One of the 2024 objectives is to emphasize the importance of internships, for candidates and employers alike! By celebrating National Intern Day, we aim to show how proud we are of enthusiastic and hardworking interns and increase the visibility of internship programs offered by companies. We will also launch “Best Internship Programs in 2024” of which your company can become a part! 

SAVE THE DATE FOR May 23rd 2024! 

Under the Internship&Trainee Marathon umbrella, Summer Career Fair is the largest online career fair for students, graduates and young professionals. This event, powered by Hipo.ro, gathers over 800.000 passionate candidates and top employers in Romania together in a virtual setting to interact.  

SAVE THE DATE for June 12th-August 18th 2024! 

Top Talents Romania is a premium career conference that aims to bring over 200 young Romanians with outstanding potential from both Business and Tech profiles. Our drive is to inspire and nurture the next generation of leaders, by creating a community of high-potential students and recent graduates. We aim to do so by means of a a two-day event, which only the best 200 finalists shall be invited to attend 

SAVE THE DATE FOR November 15th-16th 2024! 

One solution for two demands – a useful instrument for both companies and students. It is an online publication that includes, within the design and content chosen by the target audience, brand video and in-image ads, the latest job openings and career articles representing key information for every student. 

Internship & Trainee Career Guide is an edition published at the end of March every year, tailored for students and entry-levels. 

Top 100 Most Desired Employers is the fall edition published in September, yearly, tailored for entry-levels and young professionals. 

If you want to boost your employer brand in written and visual form, contact us at angajatori@catalyst.ro, with the subject “I am interested to be featured in Career Ebooks!” 

Angajatori de TOP the place where we keep the connections between employers and candidates alive! This spring, we invite you to exceptional events. Join the physical events in Bucharest and Timisoara and connect with over 13,000 candidates, enhancing your employer brand through +150 exhibition areas, career counseling, and workshops. Explore recruitment in a new dimension with the Remote & Hybrid World, a national event dedicated to companies with remote and hybrid job offers. Amplify your brand in a talent pool that can work from anywhere! 

SAVE THE DATE FOR: Timisoara, March 15th-16th 2024, CRAFT, Remote&Hybrid World, March 20th-April 21st 2024, on Hipo.ro, and Bucuresti, March 29th-30th 2024, Sala Palatului! 


Fostering unity and collaboration within the dynamic IT community!


In our comprehensive overview of the events and projects orchestrated by our company throughout the year, a standout theme revolves around bringing the dynamic IT community together. Our signature Dev events served as pivotal gatherings, attracting industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and professionals to engage in enlightening discussions on the latest trends and advancements. Oureventsshowcased over 240 techspeakersfromallaroundtheworld, whosharedtheirexpertiseandinsights on a wide range of topics. Theydelivered over 230 engagingand informative sessions, coveringthelatesttechnologies, industrytrends, andpracticalsolutions.  

  • DevTalks

The largest expo conference for software developers and IT professionals in Romania, gathering over 8000 participants from all over the world. Every year, key leaders and tech enthusiasts talk about the latest & most exciting aspects of the industry. 

SAVE THE DATE FOR May 29th-30th 2024 Romexpo B1 Pavillion! 

  • DevTalks Cluj  

The 7th edition of DevTalks Cluj-Napoca will bring together over 2000 technology enthusiasts. Here, IT professionals, software developers, and experts in hardware will gather to share knowledge, discover the latest technological trends, and connect with over 30 prestigious speakers, both from the country and abroad. 

SAVE THE DATE FOR September 26th 2024, CREIC Cluj! 

  • DevCon  

DevCon is our premium conference dedicated to IT professionals and tech enthusiasts at our 6th edition! We are welcoming to join over 2700 participants in the both days of the event, over 1200 tech lovers on Java Con and Data, Al & ML Con stages, +700 participants during the stage day DevOps Con and Web & Mobile Con, as well as IoT & Cybersecurity Con and QA Con. We aim to bring over 60 local & international speakers, organize 10 technical masterclasses with more than 250 participants in the venue, have the help of 30 partners & exhibitors and enjoy 4000 coffees like last edition! 

SAVE THE DATE FOR November 6th-7th 2024, NORD Events Center by Globalworth! 

  • DevAfterWork  

DevAfterWork also brought to the portofolio 6 events with over 400 participants. This year we met with the community in-person in Bucharest and in Cluj for informal, after-work-hours events dedicated to IT lovers! 

We organize these events on demand, so if you are interested, please drop us a line at angajatori@catalyst.ro 

  • Rooftop Dialogues 

Last year, we brought 3 Rooftop Dialogue events to our Community during spring and summer. These were 3 amazing meetings, in a relaxed environment with over 80 participants each.  

Look out for the upcoming sessions! 

  • I LOVE Tech Conference  

I LOVE Tech is going to gather the IT comunity again next year:  

SAVE THE DATE FOR: Timisoara, Centrul Regional de Afaceri, March 15th-16th 2024, and Bucharest, Sala Palatului, March 29th-30th 2024! 

 We have a special article dedicated to this line-up of IT events! 


Empowering HR and Employer Branding professionals! 

eb events


We take pride in how much effort we put in 2023 to create dedicated projects for HR and Employer Branding professionals, and the fact that they have not only elevated industry standards, but have also reinforced our commitment to shaping the future of HR practices! Our events helped over 750 professionals in HR and Employer Branding discover the world of Employer Branding and strategic thinking in creating captivating content that builds reputation as an “employer of choice” and outlines the identity of the company. 

Get ready for a game-changing experience in employer branding! EBcon’s 4th edition gathered industry leaders, HR professionals, international visionaries to explore the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in building a strong employer brand together with an audience of 400+ participants who benefited from inspirational keynotes, expert panel discussions, interactive masterclasses and networking opportunities. 

SAVE THE DATE for May 14th, 2024, NORD Events Center by Globalworth! 

Last year we brought together the community during 7 informal, both online and offline sessions, gathering over 350+ HR enthusiasts. In the first Ebdialogue of 2024, you are welcome to uncover the secrets behind building a magnetic employer brand that attracts top talent! Let’s explore the world of EVP creation together, sharing insights and networking with like-minded professionals, online, over a cup of coffee. 

SAVE THE DATE for February 22nd 2024, 10 A.M! 

Embark on the new year with us through two live employer branding webinars designed to help you attract top talent based on your unique background and recruiting expectations, as an IT or business company! Gain insights into how new Catalyst Solutions’ 2024 projects such as DevTalks, I LOVE Tech, Most Desired Employers Gala and find out which ones you should add to your employer branding calendar! 

SAVE THE DATE FOR THE January 31st and February 1st 2024! 

Charting the future together!  

For partnership inquiries and to delve deeper into the experiences and strategies discussed in this article, reach out to us at angajatori@catalyst.ro  

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