Why recruitment needs great content marketing? [En]

May 6th, 2016

“Our goal is to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of impact” – says Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

Nowadays, people are content consumers, so in order to connect and keep them engaged, companies have to provide quality content that come as a solution to individuals’ questions and needs. Furthermore, they are spending most of the time researching, because they want to be well informed when making a decision. In this case, in a competitive industry, a good content can influence a candidate when choosing an employer.

The main reasons why focusing on content marketing is important:

1. Make your job description go viral

Usually, a job description includes all information a candidate needs to know about a future career opportunity, such as what are the responsibilities and the skills a candidate must possess. But have you ever heard about a job description that can go viral? How does that sound? Make your job description more than a job description and if the content is well written, the chances to be shared will significantly raise.

Tips & tricks: be transparent and let candidates see who you really are and what to expect when applying to a job opening in your company. You can write your job description as an advertorial, where you can include images in order to make the information more appealing. Don’t forget to mention details about your organizational culture and other interesting benefits that you offer to your employees.

This represents, also, a natural selection and as a consequence, only candidates that resonate with your company mission and values will apply for the job opening.

2. Increase your website traffic

Website traffic can convert visitors into leads and by this way you accomplish the company’s main purpose.  There are several methods that can help you increase your website traffic, such as:

  • Creating a blog section on your website where you can promote impactful insights from your industry. Share them on Social Media and raise your brand awareness among your audience. Feel free to add any elements you think can make your article more attractive, such as images, videos, links, infographics or even audio recordings.
  • Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to move up the ranking in Google Search and increase organic traffic;
  • Creating valuable whitepapers based on appealing subjects that can be downloaded by any person who shows interest in;
  • Come with updates to those who have subscribed to your newsletter.

3. Build strong connection with potential candidates

All the advantages presented above will reduce the distance between your company and job seekers and will create a positive relationship. Great talents are hunted by thousands of opportunities, so it’s very important to make your industry more appealing in order to attract candidates and keep them engaged. Moreover, by reading your articles, candidates will come prepared at the interview and they will know more about your company.

4. Position your brand as a company with expertise in your industry

By creating quality content, your audience will start following you on a daily basis, because they will find you a safe and genuine resource. If they trust you, it’s guaranteed that you will become a top-of-mind company when they have to choose an employer.

Tell your story. Be honest and let people see the reasons why should they pick you instead of your competitors. What makes you special? What are your characteristics and values that can make an employee’s experience unique? Difference makes the difference, so use content marketing in order to make an impact.

Image source: Google Images

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