15 top employer branding resources that will refine your employer brand in 2019

August 29th, 2019

We’ve gathered what we believe to be the best employer branding resources in 2019. From surveys and reports to eBooks and useful articles – some of these are international resources some local, some from us, but all of them are worth the read.

Here are resources that we’ve put together for professionals looking to know more about Employer Branding.

1. 10 Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important

This article is for organizations that aren’t quite sure why they need employer branding. LinkHumans explains why it has such a significant impact on hiring and overall on your business’s success. Afterwards, you will be ready to dive into the next points that will level up your recruitment game.

2. Employer Branding for dummies – Glassdoor

This eBook it’s a great introduction to employer branding. You will find out why is it so important to plan and monitor your brand perception and most importantly how to do it the right way. Must read for all of you who still need to systematize the concept of employer branding.

3. Global Talent Trends 2019 – LinkedIn report

The relationship between employers and employees is changing. It’s crucial for your employer brand to be on top of those changes. The LinkedIn annual report explores what are the main trends fueling this transformation and how they will impact your workplace in the future.

4. Romanian Labor Market in 2019 – a survey powered by www.hipo.ro

Hipo.ro, the most popular career portal, surveyed 315 top managers, recruiters and HR executives working in Romanian organizations about the expected changes in the 2019 labour market. Based on their responses, we were able to extract insights on topics like – evolution of wages, benefits provided by other employers and form candidate’s profile of 2019.

5. Study: Internship & Trainee Program 2019

This study will allow you to benchmark your strategy and catch up with the expectations of students & graduates. It contains useful information about the compensation & benefits packages, what type of programs would students & graduates like to attend, how long are they willing to spend for applying a job ad, after how long do students expect to receive a response from the moment they applied to a job ad?

6. Why We Need to Rethink “Employer Brand”

This article presents an honest perspective on employer branding and its relation to the organization as a whole. Employer Branding is a subject that concerns all the organizations due to a shortage of talent. This article shows how important it is to stay on the top of rapid changes and transformations that are changing the shape of employer branding as we know it.

7. Making the Employer Brand Obvious – Podcast

Tisha Leslie is the Director of the Employer Brand in TMobile US. In this podcast, she shares the ins and outs of managing an employer brand of a large, well-known organization. Listen and find out on her example, why research is key to your employer brand and why you should start activating other departments for employer branding initiatives.

8. Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trend Report for Romania

Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends report is based on a complex analysis of the input provided by respondents from around the globe, working in various sectors and in various areas of organizations, most of them in HR. This year, the report analyzed approximately 10,000 respondents in 119 countries, including Romania. According to discoveries, the most important things for Romanian employers are lifelong learning, developing leaders and improving the employee experience.

9. Most Desired Employers Survey 2012 – Catalyst Solutions

Who are the Most Desired employers and what candidates expect from them? The survey targets exclusively Romanian workforce market and delivers a current overview of employer market perception. For a sneak-peek on valuable insight into preferences, job searching habits and employer reputation, download FREE eBook with insights from the Most Desired Employers Survey 2020.

10. Why Employees Quit: 20 Stats Employers Need To Know – Medium

Let’s for a moment put attracting candidates aside and focus on how to keep your current employees. Medium gathered some eye-opening statistics on why are so many people quitting their jobs and what should employers do differently to reduce employee turnover. The main reasons relate to company culture and work-life balance, curious for more?

11. Key takeaways from candidate experience research report

Providing a positive and personalized candidate experience is now seen as a hiring necessity to win talents in 2019. Talent Board has been researching the business value of job candidates’ experiences and sharing it in annual reports. Based on this year’s results, Hirevue made a sum-up of the key recruitment process insights and discussed the impact they have on candidate experience.

12. Why Social Media Matters for Your Employer Brand

It’s a well-known fact that utilizing social media in your employer branding strategy deliver great recruitment results. In 2019 it’s about time to understand why refining your social media performance matters for your employer brand and this article, based on data-driven insights, will tell you all about it.

13. An ‘Employee Value Proposition’ Mindset Just Might Fix Employee Engagement

Strong EVP is a core of your employer brand on which you should build your communication strategy. While the war for talents is getting more and more competitive you should consider arming yourself up with targeted Employee Value Proposition. The process of developing an EVP is not an easy one, but this article will take you through it in a clear and extremely approachable way. You should definitely check it out if you wish to gain a competitive curve.

14. Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding

This article is a great compilation of everything you should know about employer branding. From theory to practice it shares aspects you should take into consideration when coming up with an effective strategy. It also contains examples of companies that came up with creative employer branding initiatives for a dose of inspiration.

15. Talent Acquisition Teams Plan to Increase Spend on These 6 Things in 2019

There is no successful employer branding without smart investments. In this article, you can have a peek at what other organizations are spending their talent acquisition budget based on data from 2018 Pre-Employment Testing Benchmark Report. Find out the business priorities of hiring professionals for 2019 and beyond to gain a better overview and not fall behind.

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