3 recruitment solutions for your endeavors to attract Gen Z this fall!

October 3rd, 2023

Currently, Gen Z find themselves in an inhospitable labor market, with challenges in finding employment opportunities. There are overwhelming concerns about a lack of jobs and financial security. Because at Catalyst Solutions we know how essential it would be to help this new generation of leaders successfully prosper and transform the labour market for the better in 2024, we selected 3 resources from our portfolio, which you may find useful for your employer branding, and how it is regarded by the young generations, as well as for your Gen Z recruitment efforts this autumn.

Launched after the 4th edition of EBcon, our regional conference for Employer Branding, and the results of the Most Desired Employers 2023 survey, the study Generation Z Behavior on the Romanian Labour Market in 2023, powered by Catalyst Solutions, consists of comprehensive views on the current labour market. Within our Most Desired Employers Study, we analyzed the ideal months for candidates to apply for a job.

Do you know that 30.8% of the young generation candidates consider September as one of the best times to start a job?

When asked about an ideal period to start a professional program/job, university students and graduates gravitated the summer months, and including September, before a university year usually begins in Romania. For many, this season doesn’t represent the right time to take a mental vacation from their job search. Even so, this is a period when a lot of employers are out of office and on vacation, and the hiring process will take longer.

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Be part of the biggest marathon of internships, trainee programs and entry level jobs!

To ease the process for candidates of getting their first internships and entry-level jobs, Internship & Trainee Marathon, a project powered by Hipo.ro, became the first and the biggest jobs marathon, which entails and promotes high-quality internship / trainee / management trainee / entry level job programs to over 800.000 young job-seekers in the country.

Running on an all-year long campaign, Internship & Trainee Marathon makes the interaction between candidates and employers more efficient, especially during the busiest periods for candidates, such as September, and because it made possible and easier to access the latest opportunities, as well as finding essential information on what companies are looking for when recruiting, Hipo.ro got recognized as the favorite destination when looking for the first potential milestone in their careers.

The campaign relies on three main components:

  1. Internship & Trainee Marathon, as a multichannel campaign on Hipo.ro promoting internship programs and useful resources for youngsters, from September 2023 to May 2024;
  2. National Intern Day, as an event celebrated in Romania for the first time on the 23rd of May 2023, which showcased the importance of interns for improving the labour market, as well as the companies offering the best 60 internship programs based on factors like education, career development, and benefits, have both taken the spotlight. For the next year, we will soon start voting the best internship programs!
  3. Summer Career Fair, as the most visited virtual career fair this summer, with over 90.000 unique visitors on the microsite, millions of impressions during the digital campaigns, 12 students ONG’s as partners, and over 10.000 distributed flyers, that helped thousands of young people have fun while job-seeking.
You must be one of the companies that help form the next generation of leaders, and here are the main reasons to join Internship & Trainee Marathon:
  • Brand awareness: 366.320 views for searched keywords (studentgraduateinternshiptrainee, management traineenextgenpart-timepractice0-1 experience) between January and June 2024 on Hipo.ro. Enjoy brand awareness amongst youngsters!
  • Reach: more than 70% of 2023 students with economic or technical background, by using a mix of channels.
  • Talent Attraction: 77.5% of youngsters use career portals as source of information regarding the latest internship & trainee opportunities (from the Gen Z on the Labour Market Study eBook).
  • Perfect timing: Most students start searching their first job/internship during their university studies.


Coffee Talks – Freshly brewed conversations between you and your candidates!

Coffee Talks is an informal event that involves the interaction between students and company’s representative in a different and friendly environment.

Main advantages of this approach for your company

  • An informal event will be more attractive among students, creating a friendly environment which will provide a better experience for students, but also for the company;
  • Reach a minimum of 300,000 candidates with your promo campaign;
  • The participants will see the company as being supportive and open with students that are at the beginning of their career;
  • The flexibility of choosing the location, the set-up and the starting hour

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Imagine 600.000 higher education candidates becoming captivated by the story behind your brand!

Spanning over a 5-month online campaign starting this month until January 2024, Top 100 Most Desired Employers is the fall edition of the Career Ebooks content project, helping your company promote events, recruitment programs, or business to applicants of all experience levels. If you are asking yourself one of the following, then this project is just right for you:
  • How do I share an accurate story about what it’s really like to work at my company with a wide audience?
  • How can I attract the right quality talent who might not have heard of my company?
  • How can I stop wasting time on uninformed candidates that don’t work out?

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We hope that you find the information useful for your recruitment and employer branding endeavors for the rest of the year. For any further information, or if you took an interest in any of our projects, you can also drop us a line at angajatori@catalyst.ro

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