4 Megatrends in Employer Branding that you shouldn’t miss out in 2024!

September 4, 2023
Observing how the world has evolved and what is happening within the world of talent attraction, with quiet hiring, the Great Resignation, changes in candidate behaviours and expectations and many other events, as an employer branding enthusiast and specialist, you should look to develop tactical activities and activate those strategies. How will it affect the future of the recruitment process? Check out the most important trends that will alter the employer branding line of business in 2023, according to our experts.

Create employer branding awareness from inside out!

Over 50% of our workforce consists of millennials and GenZ. One thing these generations have in common is a desire to connect with organizations and their missions on a deeper level. They both want to make a substantial impact and are looking for reasons why.
So the first megatrend is to have a purpose-driven, human-centered brand that creates a brand-oriented culture.
The questions you should tackle to be ready for GenZ in 2024:

  • How to create a human-centric strategy for your employer brand?
  • What should be part of your own social media events calendar in order to engage emotionally with your candidates?
  • What does it mean to be brand-oriented and how can the brand shine through your current employees

Develop unique employer and candidate value propositions!

The challenge of the second megatrend is to make you identify and communicate your company’s unique benefits and advantages so you can develop your employer branding proposition. But to develop a unique value proposition, it is important to be aware of what is important to your target group and what they seek in an employer, as well as who you are truly as a brand, and how you position yourself apart from your competitors. Then you can tailor your messaging and communication.
The questions you should think about for a refined EVP:

  • How can you understand your audience and what are the steps of tackling candidate experience?
  • What are your unique attributes associated with you as an employer, after your target audience and candidates interact with your brand, company or people? Consider work process, team collaboration, tools, leader communication, evaluation, challenges.
  • What is your competition delivering in terms of candidate experience?

Lead consistent candidate and employee experience!

Leading a consistent candidate and employee experience is a megatrend which requires your dedicated effort to align various touchpoints within the hiring process. Organizations that prioritize candidate experience not only attract top talent but also build a reputation as a Most Desired Employer. By implementing strategies such as clear communication, unified branding, personalization, and continuous improvement, companies can create a positive and memorable candidate journey that sets them apart in the competitive job market. Questions you should ask yourself on the benefit of your company:

  • How can you standardize your recruitment process for a positive and consistent candidate experience provided by your recruiters and hiring managers?
  • What kind of data you should seek answers from to discover what content speaks to your candidates
  • How can you become one of the most desired employers in your area of expertise?

Deploy digital candidate experience!

Deploying a digital candidate experience means creating and implementing a digital platform or process that enables candidates to engage with a company’s hiring process using digital channels. This last megatrend challenges you to understand the assets of the digital world. Video is becoming an increasingly important tool for employer branding, and you should be one of the companies which will use video to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience.
Some questions you should consider regarding your digital strategy:

  • How can you showcase your company’s culture, values, and mission and create a positive image throughout the entire recruitment process?
  • Why are you reticent to use AI for a more personalized experience?
  • What could make your recruitment process easier?

Final thoughts

2024 will be a crucial year for employer branding, and companies will need:

  • to use technology and social media strategically to create a positive image and attract the right talent.

  • to create personalized experiences for candidates and employees.

  • to be aware of the fact that employer branding will also become more and more dependent on video and AI.

  • to have a strategic approach towards employer branding.

As the new year approaches, here are 3 of the projects and events for you to learn more about the trends in employer branding and recruitment in 2023 and 2024, created for specialists just like you!

We hope you find these projects for your employer brand and recruiting endeavors, if so, drop us a line at angajatori@catalyst.ro .

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