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September 5, 2023

In our previous blog post we tackled 4 Megatrends in Employer Branding that you shouldn’t miss in 2024. As the new year approaches, we undergo a thorough and continuous research to gain insights on what’s new in the Romanian labour market, and challenges are brought by the post-resignation landscape. And we transform this curiosity for the world of recruitment and talent attraction into long-term projects and events with tradition, edition with edition changing, evolving, and exploring. To make sure you are up to date with the recruiting and employer branding development trends, here are 4 resources created for specialists just like you!

1.Remember how useful is to have a human-centric vision around your brand? Your employer brand must have human characteristics, values such as transparency, authenticity, and empathy. Brand-oriented culture means that the company lets its employees find ways to talk about the employer brand to the outside world and potential candidates. And the best way for human interactions is activating in events. 
Within Angajatori de TOP, the largest career fair in Romania, there is a special event dedicated to members of the HR & Employer Branding community. During our HR Conference: Forecasts for the Romanian Labour Market in 2023-2024 – A study for this fall, navigate with us through the post-great resignation job landscapes! 

Key topics we will address during the conference:

  • No of Jobs Ads – evolution autumn 2023: What are the domains with the biggest No. of available jobs nationwide and how is Timisoara doing when compared with other major cities? What are the differences between the Romania’s largest and busiest cities in terms of job opportunities?
  • Open Salary Offers: Transparency is becoming the name of the game. But how many of the Romanian companies are embracing open salary policies, and what impact does it make on the general market?
  • Hybrid & Remote Revolution: The workplace has transcended boundaries. Are hybrid and remote jobs here to stay, since they offer flexibility and work-life balance? Or are we embracing the in-office work schedule once again?
  • Students Education and Job Aspirations: In certain periods, Romania saw a decrease in university enrollments due to economic challenges and social factors. How much did the number of students in Romanian universities fluctuated in the last 12 years?

You can register here for the Conference in Timisoara, October 13, 11 AM, at C.R.A.F.T: Forecasts for the Timisoara Labour Market in 2023-2024 – A study for this fall

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and here for the Conference in Bucuresti, October 27, 11 AM, at Sala Palatului: Forecasts for the Romanian Labour Market in 2023-2024 – A study for this fall

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2. We invite you to get inspired and learn about what tools and strategies could work for your company at our EBDialogue sessions, together with a community of employer branding practitioners, just like you! In the next EBDialogue session: Events – How to use them successfully in Employer Branding, we will have an insightful discussion on how events are essential in strengthening your brand, what are the conversion mechanisms, booths activation and onteractive tools.  

Managing Partner at Catalyst Solutions, Dragos Gheban, Employer Branding Project Manager at Catalyst Solutions, Madalina Boicu, and the featured guest speaker, Andreea Zanfir, Culture Engagement & Talent Aquisition Manager at Vodafone Romania will aim to give detailed answer on the following questions:

  • What is your perspective on the events as part of the employer branding strategy?  
  • What types of events do you organize / get involved in as partners? 
  • What content do you bring to events? 
  • What are some things you look at to evaluate the success of an event?  
  • What do you think is valuable and came out very well in the results? Are your hiring efforts effective according to metrics you wanted to achieve? 

Register here: Events – How to use them successfully in Employer Branding and let’s gather together on Thursday, 14th of September 2023, at NORD Events Center by Globalworthand find out more!

3. Because we insist on how research is essential for your employer brand and for your talent attraction and retaining efforts, we aimed to gain a fresh perspective and what changed for candidates in terms of professional aspirations, factors in choosing an employer or behavior when gathering information about jobs and employers. The survey Most Desired Employers gathered responses from 14,446 candidates nationwide, university students, graduates of higher education studies and young professionals with experience of 0 to 7+ years, in areas of expertise such as: Business, IT&C, Social Sciences and Engineering. 

Main highlights of the study include:

  • What is the criteria for choosing the ideal employer?
  • The most attractive benefits
  • Reasons to remain in a company
  • Factors determining an employee to leave a company
  • Professional reconversion
  • Flexibility at work – a pandemic trend or a new way of working?
  • Job search behaviours
  • Information channels while job-seeking

Download now the eBook to find out the candidate’s mindset and reasons behind choosing the right employer for their professional endeavors!

4. And finally, our study on Gen Z on the Labour Market in 2023 provides essential data on what kind of candidates might be your ideal fit, if you are aware of their needs. The survey gathered responses from 751 Romanian candidates, university students and graduates of higher education studies, in areas of expertise such as: business, technology and socio-humanities.

Highlights of the Gen Z on the Labour Market in 2023 eBook:

  • Which programs are candidates more eager to further engage in?
  • Ideal months to start a program/job
  • Ideal time response to application
  • TOP most considered professional domains when applying
  • How much time is spent with the first employer?
  • TOP most popular channels to apply for a program/job
  • Biggest career challenges
  • Salary expectations of Gen Z, an evolution throughout the years

Download now the eBook to find out the candidate’s mindset and reasons behind choosing the right employer for their professional endeavors!


We hope you find useful these resources for your employer brand and recruiting endeavours, if so, drop us a line at .

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