5 ways to make your employer brand attractive for Millennials

February 19th, 2019

Millennials are at the moment the largest component of the global workforce. Recruiting this population is crucial but also requires a different approach that many recruiters may not integrate with their employer branding until now. Be on top of the game by gaining valuable insights on how to effectively engage with Millennial candidates based on our recent discoveries.

First of all, you have to know that this demographic is interested in benefits, job safety, flexibility and maintaining work life balance. Below we have mention key facts you should know about Millennial candidates, based on the Most Desired Employers Study 2018.


Now, that you know more about the preferences of Millennial candidates, let’s interpret the data and find out how to make your employer brand attractive for this generation.

1. Offer attractive salary and benefits

It’s not a surprise that Millennials want to be well rewarded for doing their job. But be careful with assuming that money keeps people engaged and can buy you a long-term employee satisfaction. Benefits and perks are well appreciated, but if the company cannot validate their ability to make an impact or align with their values the chances of keeping the Millennial talent are low. It’s all about creating a supportive community and help people develop in their fields. If you embrace this type of culture you will be on the right way to a successful employer brand.

2. Show interest

Millennial candidates wish to work for an employer that cares about them and their well-being. This type of approach should be deeply rooted in your company culture. It’s your job as a recruiter to develop a good long-term relationship with candidates and keep maintaining it when they turn into regular employees. Be present and responsive to any type of concerns they might have and constantly follow up on finding the right solutions. Showing genuine interest in them will increase the comfort and make them feel safe with you as an employer.

3. Be open for flexibility

Young generations, including Millennials, value freedom in doing their job the way it fits their lifestyle. It helps them maintain work-life balance and keeps them satisfied at work on the long term. Flexible schedule or remote work are slowly becoming standard option on the employment market. Employees who follow this patch are proven to be as effective as the ones working under the restricted schedule. Therefore, it’s good to think how as an employer you can integrate this type of policy to your company. As an effect your employer brand will gain Millennial exposure.

4. Get Social

When it comes to communicating with potential candidates, social media will serve you as a powerful tool of employer branding. Today, social platforms dominate the lives of Millennials. Recruiters need to learn how to get social by staying on top of current trends, and using them to engage and recruit potential candidates. Good practices should involve sharing content that reflects your company culture, exposing some of the behind the scenes from your workplace and involving your current employees. Show potential candidates what your company is all about, build a promise for an exciting career and don’t hesitate to personally approach them with job opportunities via social media.

5. Get recognition

Millennials are online savvies that get their information from the digital world. That’s why it’s important to be present on popular job boards like Hipo.ro with a complete employer profile, where they can learn more about the company and check the current openings. Our Most Desired Employers Study 2018 shows that job boards (56%) are still the most popular channel among Millennials when it comes to applying for a job.

At the same time, it’s advantageous for employers to get their company on a “best place to work” list such as Most Desired Employers. Companies that rank high on the list gain a powerful tool to promote their employer brand and chance to gain positive recondition. Here are  the Top Employers in Romania and your place among them.

What’s interesting to notice, Millennials tend to behave as consumers of workplaces, ‘shopping’ around for jobs that align with their needs and lifestyle. That’s why having appealing employer brand is more important than ever. Use tips from this article to refine your strategy and attract the best Millennial talents for your company.

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