How connecting with the IT Community can boost your brand visibility

September 29th, 2017

Every day we search to promote better what we do, how we do it or why we do it, but being an active company on the local market not only means that you have to always innovate and create better products or services for your customers, but also to get to know them, give back and invest in the community that you are part of.
This autumn we continue to address the IT Community with a new series of events, so we’ve put up a list with the impact your involvement can have on your brand visibility.

DevHacks – the largest hackathon in Bucharest

DevHacks Hackathon started 2 years ago with the purpose to find smart solutions for our everyday life problems. The idea was to produce results fast and with high-impact on different areas. And we did it! Over 280 developers & IT Professionals were part of the DevHacks’ experience until now, coding for Education, Health, Smart City, IoT and much more. On this journey, leading IT companies joined us and gave us their support such as Accenture, IBM, PayU, Teamnet, SoftVision or Symfony Mobile.

This autumn, our focus is to keep engaged the IT professionals who are looking to have some fun and to take up a challenge that will test their skills! That’s why we invite you to join us on 27-28 October at the largest hackathon in Bucharest. How can your company contribute?

DevHacks is a hackathon where programmers from the IT Community have the freedom to transform the local reality through 24 hours of coding. Structured on 8 categories – Women in Technology, Web, Video & Audio Hack, Mobile, Big Data, AI&IoT&Robotics, Security, DevOps – DevHacks represents a great opportunity to meet a large community of developers passionate about programming.

Being part of an intense competition of coding means to see their full potential in a context that tests their limits: developing smart solutions within a limited amount of time, staying focused for hours and working under pressure.

Also, DevHacks is designed as a win-win context, bringing together the right stakeholders in order to develop smart solutions for a better local reality. Over 35 mentors from top IT companies on the local market are getting involved in the process, so that the event can be the perfect opportunity for direct interaction, creating personalized experiences for the participants.

This is the chance to make your brand more visible for over 200 developers who take part at the event, and to create a strong relationship with them based on a real interaction. That’s why because a valuable ‘face time’ meeting with the IT Community offers them the opportunity to experience the look, feel and personality of your brand. 

Moreover, your contribution as a company can consist of offering your technologies, resources and insightful ideas with the teams so that you can also have a high-impact on the local reality, positioning yourself as an active contributor to the growth of our society.

Either you would like to boost your brand visibility in the Sponsor or Networking area or as a Main event Partner, sign up here and let us know that you would like to join our forces! Contact us!

DevTalks for Juniors – The first international IT conference for juniors in Romania

Going a little further, our attention moved to the IT juniors motivated to continuously learn and invest in their personal and professional development. Last year we’ve organized for the first time DevTalks for Juniors, a practical learning experience for the Junior IT Community, and it was awesome!

Over 130 participants passionate about technology gathered in an informal context for one day to learn, share ideas, and interact with top-notch international and local speakers & trainers from 5 different countries. Among them Radu Stefan, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, Radu Dita, Co-founder and CTO of IRON sheep TECH, Kevin Pilgrims from LEOInnovation, Paul Ardeleanu from Lupo, Karina Popova from LINK Mobility and many others.

On November 11, we want to help them level-up again! How can you get involved?

The aim of the event is to design a context suited for their needs, that’s why at the event you can meet a large pool of participants with technical skills on 6 different areas: Web, Mobile, AI&IOT&Robotics, Big Data, Java & Career Development.

For one day, DevTalks for Juniors bring technical talks where the participants can find out more about the latest tools & trends on the market, learn new tips & tricks and ask questions. At the previous edition, top-notch speakers & trainers introduced them to important topics such as The future of technology, a Battle of frameworks or a Modern approach to using RESTful APIs in Android apps.

Moreover, DevTalks for Juniors is a great way to support their efforts, and inspire the next steps in their career, by creating a valuable experience based on practical & technical talks.

Plus, this is a great way to position your company as a leader on the market and become a choice for the IT juniors interested in internships, management trainee programs or future jobs.

If you want to be a part of the event, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at angajatori(at)


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