Data-driven employer branding in BPO – based on the Most Desired Employers Study 2017

December 19th, 2017

The career portal reports that Outsourcing in Romania is one of the sectors that experienced the highest rate of employment during the last year.

Therefore, becoming a top Employer in Outsourcing isn’t easy. What you need is reliable, data-driven information on which you can build your employer branding strategy. We call it the Most Desired Employers Study.

Every year, we survey a large pool of candidates in order to extract valuable data and find out what drives employment decisions. While preparing the Outsourcing Industry Report, we took into consideration responses of foreign language speakers and BPO industry fans to uncover behavioral patterns and differences in perception.

Check out what you need to know in order to design and measure the impact of your initiatives on the market! 


Most Desired Employers – know your place among the competition

No matter if you are a leader of the industry or a small business owner, you should know your position among the competition. Preferences of top talent changes every year and so do the rankings. The study reveals not only the top employers but also gives an overview on how much the industry competition grew over the last five years.

Below we share with you Top 10 Employers nationwide, nominated by foreign language speakers.


If you want to benchmark your company’s employer branding efforts against competitors’ from Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara and Bucharest, we encourage you to contact us at in order access the full report of the study.

How popular is the Outsourcing industry?

It’s important to know if your industry is positioned on an ascending or descending trend and to understand which industries represent a threat for your next recruitment campaign, in order to efficiently focus your branding efforts.

Even if, compared to last year, the BPO industry has become more attractive for business candidates, the fight for talent is increasing, with IT&C attracting more and more diverse profiles, therefore developing a data-driven strategy should be your top priority.

Find out from the full report what profiles of candidates target the industry the most and which market has the biggest potential for the outsourcing business.

What drives foreign language speakers

We spend most of our time at work, no wonder we need the right motpweivation to do the job. This year’s results positions candidates’ need for a pleasant work environment higher than the salary and benefit package.

Job flexibility, training programs, professional challenges and other several factors relating to candidates’ expectations were evaluated in order to spot differences between fans of the industry and foreign language speakers. In the report, we provide you with a complete overview of their needs and behaviours.

What moves BPO-oriented candidates?

In terms of relocation there is a similar tendency across all Romania. Close to 60% of our respondents are eager to relocate when motivated by the right triggers. The promise of higher salary and attractive benefits package will always remain top activators, but it is important to take into account that they will diversify with growth of expertize.

Find out top cities from which candidates would relocate to either Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi or Timisoara in the full industry report.

Where does your audience spend its time?

Optimizing and consolidating your employer brand involves its presence on a diverse range of communication channels tailored to the profile of candidates you want to transform in applicants or even employees. The most-used / trusted dichotomy of channels serves a deeper understanding of how your audience gets informed and what are its most trustworthy sources.

Across all segments, more than 70% of candidates point out career portals as most used source to retain information about job openings and employers, while the use of social media platforms such as Facebook anicon1d LinkedIn continues to rise.

The situation changed when we asked our respondents to define most trusted sources. Candidates from Bucharest put in favour personal connections and direct interactions with their future employer. The channels involving a direct contact with the message beholder increases on its efficiency, creating more trustworthy experience for candidates.



And that’s only the tip of an iceberg. There is so much more to know about your audience – according to their background, level of experience and demography. To make it easier, we have sorted it all out for you in the form of deep analysed data, which you will find in the full Outsourcing Industry report of the Most Desired Employers Study. When used in the right way, it will help you benchmark your efforts or develop an effective employer branding strategy that will attract the right BPO candidates to your business.

If you want to find out more key findings from this year’s edition of the study, download the free e-Book here




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