Guide to decoding Romania’s Talent Market in 2023: Key findings from Most Desired Employers Survey

July 13th, 2023

As a follow-up to the The Most Desired Employers 2023 survey, we came up with an eBook version of the most essential information gathered from our respondents. The survey has become, throughout the 18 years of targeting the Romanian labour market, the most complex instrument assessing the perception and expectations of professionals, graduates and students. Powered by Catalyst Solutions, this online survey gathered 14.446 people, nominating the employers they would desire the most to work for, along with their perceptions and expectations of the working environment.

The survey not only measures the employer brand attractiveness but also what factors are associated with the most desired employers and what is important to the relevant target group. Therefore, attracting and retaining the right candidates relates directly to how you are ranked and perceived as an employer versus your competition or on which recruitment channels you should focus your resources on. This study may truly make a difference on the labour market, as employers could use it as a external analysis, part of the employer branding process.

So what makes you become one of the Most Desired Employers?

Through this exhaustive study, we aimed to survey potential candidates and managed to answer several questions on their professional aspirations, factors in choosing an employer and remaining in the workplace for the long-term.

Our findings depend on 14.446 of Romanian candidates, university students, graduates of higher education studies and young professionals with experience of 0 to 3+ years, in areas of expertise such as: Business, IT&C, Social Sciences and Engineering, who participated in our survey between December 2022 and April 2023.

This study is for companies who are pulling up a new strategy or refine the already built one, while asking questions such as:

  • What are the professional objectives and job search behaviours of the pool of talents?
  • What type of communication strategy should be used for the target pool to maximize its impact?
  • be aware of the levels of awareness and consideration of your company, conversion in job applicants and factors associated with your employer brand.

We asked the next generation of young professionals, and they answered to some of the burning questions that are of main interest for companies. Here are the results to some of the questions from our full study available for download.

What are the criteria for choosing the ideal employer?

According to the data analyzed, remuneration and job security rank higher in importance than a friendly work atmosphere, for example. While it is essential to create positive relationships with their colleagues and co-workers, in order to work for the same goal and reap the returns many times over, candidates in 2023 feel uneasy about the economic context, and prefer to remain confident that their employment status with a company can stay consistent, regardless of any external forces that might impact the business.

A positive aspect that we discovered is that 56% of those who said salary is important did not rank it as their MOST important criterium. We can, therefore, conclude that candidates actually want to benefit a bit from everything.

MDE Study 2023 pag 4

Why do candidates leave a company?

It is not so surprising that in the post-pandemic economic setting that we find ourselves still swimming in, unsatisfactory salary level represents the most common reason to leave a company. Candidates leverage their skills, education and experience to land a position with a company that has a bigger budget for compensation, and will be, automatically, one of the most desired factor to stay in a company for the long-term. Thus, most desired employers manage to provide a good salary level, promotion opportunities, a friendly and motivating work environment and an attractive benefits package, such as employer-covered healthcare, retirement plans, mandatory paid time-off, an additional salary, and mental health assistance.

MDE Study 2023 pag 9

We invite you to check more of the presented data, by downloading the full version of The Most Desired Employers – 2023 Insights eBook NOW! Find out more about:

  • criteria for choosing the ideal employer
  • most attractive benefits
  • reasons to remain in a company
  • reasons to leave a company
  • professional reconversion
  • flexibility at work
  • job search behaviours
  • information channels

Download the eBook!


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