New ways of promoting your employer brand and recruitment endeavours in 2024!

November 13, 2023

In today’s saturated labour market, promoting available jobs to Gen Z candidates is becoming more and more challenging for companies due to the unique characteristics and preferences of this generation. Gen Z is known for their digital-savviness, but they are also exposed to a vast amount of online content daily. Cutting through the noise can be difficult, and your recruitment efforts can go down the drain. But the good news is that 2024 can be your year as a top most desired employer!

In this article, we present you some of the key challenges in hiring the right candidates for the job, as well as how a career eBook, besides the all year channels you are using currently, can be a powerful tool to address to and resonate well with the next generation of professionals!

Career Ebooks is the one solution for two demands – a useful instrument for both companies and students. It is an online publication that includes, within the design and content chosen by the target audience, brand video and in-image ads, the latest job openings and career articles representing key information for every student.

The publication is a great foundation for future recruiting and hiring efforts and a great way to endorse your company brand among the next generation of professionals.

Career Ebooks project is reflected in two completely different editions, each focusing on a specific target audience. This fall, the Top 100 Most Desired Employers eBook has recently been published as an instrument tailored for entry-levels and young professionals with some accumulated experience in the economic and technical fields (Computer Science, Telecommunication, Mathematics and Informatics, Cybernetics, Mechanics and Engineering; Accounting, Banking, Marketing and more), managing to reach over 634,278 young job-seekers on a national level during a 3-month distribution campaign.

So what are your benefits for being part of the next edition of Career Ebooks in 2024?

  • Build or consolidate employer brand among a big part of students, entry-levels and young professionals with economic and technical backgrounds;
  • Promote all major career opportunities through dedicated campaigns;
  • Engage the generation with the shortest attention spans. Career eBooks can break down information into digestible sections, using visuals, and infographics to make it more engaging and easily scannable;
  • Offer authenticity and transparency. Career Ebooks can provide an authentic look into your company’s culture, values, and the actual experiences of employees, which can resonate well with Gen Z;
  • Personalize content according to your data and segmentation, to be tailored to their specific interests and career goals.

Now that you found out more about how you might incorporate a career eBook, as a new means of communication and promotion of your brand with potential candidates, make sure you know how to prioritise the channels that boost your EVP the most within your online presence.

  • How can you build strong communication pillars on social media?
  • What kind of approach is needed for each of the platforms you would like to activate for your campaigns to have the best results?
  • What kind of actions result in more interest in your brand and in a higher number of applicants on your job posts?

Find out more at our next EBdialogue session, together with Dragos Gheban and Madalina Boicu, on the 16th of November, at 5 PM EEST, in person – Amber Studio Bucharest (near metrou Aviatorilor)!

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