Summer Career Fair: Sit right before your candidates’ eyes during the estival season!

June 23rd, 2023

Under the Internship&Trainee Marathon umbrella, Summer Career Fair is the largest online career fair for students, graduates and young professionals. Between the 13th of June and 18th of August, this event, powered by, gathers passionate candidates and top employers in Romania together in a virtual setting to interact.

There are, indeed, a wide variety of online job search resources, such as your company’s careers website section, LinkedIn or even Facebook. It’s easy to market a job opening and find the best candidate. Your number one priority would be to get maximum visibility for your job listing. You want to reach as many potential candidates as possible, so that you can start a thorough selection process afterwards.

But why should your company consider Summer Career Fair?

For candidates, Summers Career Fair represents the perfect guidance through the recruitment and selection process. And for employers, it’s a huge chance to find their ideal candidates in a pool of over 800,000 talents.

The job market is evolving tremendously, candidates having a tendency of job-hopping.


causes can vary from a candidate to another:

  • better new job opportunities
  • more supportive work cultures
  • good work-life balance.

With these higher standards, candidates are pickier about the jobs they apply for. Most turn to job boards more than other methods to find their dream jobs.


77.5% of youngsters use career portals as a main source of information directing them to the best options in terms of current internship & trainee opportunities.


In addition, it is essential to point out an insight from the generation with unknown potential – Gen Z.

From our study titled Gen Z on the Labour Market in 2023, based on a questionnaire organised in February this year, we asked Gen Z candidates.

download ebook cta vizual

What are the channels you use most frequently to apply for such programs/jobs?

The results positioned in the Top 3 most popular channel to apply for career opportunities.


Summer is the ideal time for job-seeking, we call it perfect timing!

When asked about an ideal period to start a professional program/job, Gen Z university students and graduates gravitated towards the summer months, and including September, before a university year usually begins in Romania.

We came to the conclusion that, for many, this season doesn’t represent the right time to take a mental vacation from their job search. Even so, this is a period when a lot of employers are out of office and on vacation, and the hiring process will take longer. But with Summer Career Fair, it will be an opportunity for your company to still be active and sit right before the candidates’ eyes on the virtual platform.


No clicking aimlessly, at Summer Career Fair, candidates have a strong purpose!

Candidates might be early career starters but they are ready to show what they are passionate about. Summer Career Fair helps young job-seekers with a wide selection of recommended programs, based on their passions and expectations (salary, work environment, work schedule & flexibility, bonuses). Career articles, career orientation quizzes, employment guides and insightful podcasts will all boost the employability skills of the candidates present at Summer Career Fair.

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Therefore, there are several reasons to become one of the top companies that will participate in the event. Some of the partners already confirmed are: BAT Romania, ING Hubs Romania, KPMG Romania, Pragmatic Play, TELUS International, and ABA – Austrian Business Agency.

At a few clicks distance, you have the chance to discover your next generation of employees. We invite you to fill in the form HERE! and let us tell you the way to change your recruitment game!

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