30 popular employer branding resources for your strategy

January 27th, 2017

We gave prepared for you a list with 30 free employer branding resources you should not miss. The list includes employer branding surveys, white papers and eBooks.

These days the companies are focused to craft their messages as an employer and to improve the employer image on the labor market, because they are aware that employer branding implies benefits associated to improving the application rates, making your company stand out in a crowded market, creating a greater employee engagement and motivation.

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When it comes to trustful information regarding employer branding we use a funnel which allows us to access the best information, in order to improve your employer branding strategy and attract more talented candidates.

Below is a list of 30 valuable employer branding resources that will make your job easier. Form surveys and case studies to articles, e-books and whitepapers:

1. HR’s Survival KIT – for Talent Attraction and Employer Branding
As a HR professional, you have the challenging mission of finding and retaining the best and the most suitable employees for your company. Based on our research and on 10 years of experience in recruiting and employer branding, we have carefully designed for you the “HR’s Survival KIT – for Talent Attraction and Employer Branding”, a guide which, we hope, to be useful when drafting your recruitment and employer branding strategy.

2. Hipo.ro survey “Workforce trends 2017”
This survey integrates the main perception of the HR managers or specialists from 230 middle and large companies regarding the tendencies of recruiting market in Romania. It is an interesting read for both candidates and HR Professionals. You will find out more about how salaries and benefits will evolve in 2017, the recruitment process mistakes that you can avoid, the industries with the most job opportunities, what are the biggest opportunities for specialists and for students, significant changes in relation to the previous years and many other important insights.

3. Study: Internship & Trainee Programs 2017 – Romania
Internship & Trainee Programs are an important part of your employer branding strategy for juniors. This Hipo.ro study will allow you to benchmark your strategy against some of the biggest employers in Romania. It contains useful information about the compensation & benefits packages, the promo strategy, the selection process and the retention rate.

4. How to develop a authentic brand -LinkedIn–Talent Blog
When Marketing and Recruiting work together, companies do better. In this article by LinkedIn Talent Blog you find how to develop a consistent, authentic brand strategy.

5. Employer branding strategy- HireVure
When companies transition to a digital application process, they “brand” their application materials. They slap on a logo, pick colors and fonts consistent with their visual messaging, and write instructions designed to appeal to new hires. If that’s the extent of your employer branding strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

6. Employer branding for dummies-Glassdoor
The essential employer branding question for recruiters and employers today isn’t “Why?” but “How?” If you’ve ever asked that question, you can find the answers in this book. No matter what your company’s size, location, or industry is, you’ll find what you need to start building a foundation by following these fundamental steps for employer branding success.

7. Employer Branding – What, why, how in order to gain a competitive advantage
These days, if an organization designs its branding strategy only with its external target groups and stakeholders in mind, they will be missing a phenomenal opportunity to drive value from those very resources closest to them and within their business: their own employees. In this whitepaper, we’re looking at the employer brand, and how you can bring your organization’s brand values alive to your internal organization to support it.

8. Employer Branding 101-The Muse
“Branding” is a common term in the marketing world, but it isn’t only about selling your products or services to consumers. You should place just as much emphasis on promoting your employer brand—the qualities that make your company a special place to work—to set you apart from the competition and humanize your organization.

9. How to build your employer brand?-Recruitloop
As more companies continue to invest in their employer branding, you’ll want to be sure you stand out and attract the right people. The goal with employer branding is to beckon the right people who want to be a part of what you are creating in the world. Here are three fundamentals to creating an employer brand that is authentic, enduring, and extremely effective.

10. Develop your employer branding brandbook-Career builder
Because regardless of size or industry, if you have employees, you have an employment brand. And whether you realize it or not, your employment brand is affecting your ability to recruit and retain employees – for better or for worse. What you need is a strategy for understanding how others perceive your brand, so you can create a brand that truly reflects you as an employer. This strategy will ultimately help you better attract and retain employees.

11. How to create your talent brand-Greenhouse
A strong talent brand helps you to engage passive candidates, helps you to generate more referrals from your current employees, influences the attraction and retention of talent, and ensures that you are in control of your organization’s public reputation. The two most important components of an effective talent brand are your company culture, and talent marketing.

12. State of Employer Branding- Jibe
We’ve seen employer branding transform from a subject thought leaders discussed and researched, into a strategic business function. In order to keep you a step ahead of the curve, this report digs deep into the most pressing employer branding issues.

13. How employer branding can help your company be perceived as a great place to work
Branding a company as an employer of choice has important implications for attracting and retaining the best talents. Organizations that want to win the war for talent should not only aspire to become a great place to work; they should aim to be perceived as one too.

14. Jobvite- HR resources
On a regular basis, Jobvite produces eBooks and thought leadership content. It’s a way for us to talk about using best practices in social sourcing, creating unique and scalable recruiting strategies and managing the entire hiring process. How social technology connects companies with candidates is changing the world of talent acquisition.

15. CEO’s need to pay attention to employer branding- HBR
As the global economy picks up, there is growing concern among CEOs about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve their growth ambitions. So how can companies compete effectively in this new war for talent? First and foremost, it’s time for leaders to focus on strengthening their organizations’ employer brands.

16. CEB Global- About employer branding impact
Why is the conventional approach to branding failing to deliver higher-quality applicants to the organization today? CEB Recruiting spoke with nearly 100 recruiting executives and surveyed 113 different organizations as well as almost 5,000 different labor market participants across the globe to answer that question, and here is what we found.

17. TMP Recruitment Activation Whitepaper
TMP Worldwide believes attraction campaigns delivered in this way are increasingly less effective for many roles and in many sectors. Audiences are moving on. Today attraction must be a part of something bigger, more intelligent and ultimately far more effective. We call it Recruitment Activation. The art and science of changing audience behavior, motivating target candidates to take appropriate, measurable and valuable action.

18. Talent and organizations in a digital world
Digital technology is disrupting financial institutions at an increasingly rapid pace. It is impacting traditional roles, ways of working and the capabilities required for organizations to succeed. To remain relevant in the future, firms need to innovate approaches to transform the workforce and attract, engage, develop and inspire their talent.

19. Employer Brand Playbook- LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s Employer Brand Playbook shares the 5 steps you need to build a highly social talent brand. You’ll get vital info that you can use today.

20. Global Recruiting Trends 2017-LinkedIn
In order to plan for the future, you need to understand where you stand compared to your peers. The goal of this report is exactly that – to help talent leaders like you benchmark against teams across the globe when it comes to the most important recruiting metrics and trends.

21. 8 Elements of Employer Branding-EreMedia
Because employment branding is a targeted strategy it cannot be successfully managed using a hodgepodge or uncoordinated effort. In order to be successful, it must contain each of these eight essential elements described in the articles.

22. The Future of Employer Branding- Universum Global
Universum surveyed more than 2000 senior executives, including CEOs, heads of HR and recruiting, employer branding and marketing, among others. Our goal was to understand current attitudes for different functional areas and industries, as well as how leaders envisioned change over the next five years.

23. Eleven Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy in 2017- Bersin Research Library
The need to “be digital” is prompting organizations to completely rethink ways to manage, engage, lead, and develop people. We have observed 11 rapid technological, structural and cultural changes that we expect to reshape the world of work in 2017.

24. Courting the candidate-Deloitte Academy
Brand-conscious companies are beginning to interact with potential employees with the same care they would give to their customers. They are redefining the talent acquisition experience by making sure their candidate-customers gain tangible value from the interview process and have the capabilities to navigate and succeed within the organization should they be offered a position.

25. Attracting top talents- Recruit Loop
The concepts of employer branding and attracting top talent go hand in hand. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to create an employer brand that resonates with the best talent. Find out what is the importance of employer branding.

26. Five irresistible employer brand messages
These are five irresistible employer brand messages for 2016, which I believe employers need to be espousing in order to connect with the modern talent pool.

27. 6 Tips on Crafting a Talent-Winning Employer Value Proposition
In order to build and advertise a great employer brand, you need to start with a unique employer value proposition (EVP). What are your tips for crafting (and living up to!) EVPs that attract talent?

28. How to measure your employer branding ROI-Social Hire
We have come to understand how critical it is for organizations to completely understand the importance and benefits of developing an employer brand to attract engage and retain talent. So now we are looking at a much more difficult task – how to measure the ROI of all your employer brand strategy.

29. How metrics can lead to better recruiting employer branding- Jobcast
Metrics are important when it comes to recruiting strategy, because without detailed insights about how previous campaigns were conducted, and what their outcomes were, you simply can’t understand why they did, or did not work. And understanding why previous social recruiting campaigns were successful (or not) is fundamental for improving your future endeavors.

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