5 key takeaways from the IT&C Report, based on the Most Desired Employers Study 2017

October 4th, 2017

Romania can be proud of the great quality of a talent pool in IT&C sector. Although, there are plenty of graduates and certified specialists, the number is not sufficient to cover the demands of the constantly expanding market. Around 3,000 IT job openings are advertised at any given time in the country, making it a zero-unemployment sector (IT&C Talent Map Romania, 2016/ Brainspotting).

While competition only gets stronger, you need to keep your hands on the wheel, and make sure your Employer Branding Strategy is heading in the right direction.

Every year, we survey multiple candidates with different backgrounds, to track the evolution of expectations towards future employers. We call it the Most Desired Employers Study. In 2017 we evaluated 3162 valid responses from IT&C students or experienced candidates and summarized the market findings in the IT&C Industry Report.

Here are our TOP 5 insights from the IT&C Report, which will give you a deep understanding of IT candidates’ expectations and reveal the Most Desired Employers on the Romanian Market.

What do IT candidates really look for in a career?

We analyzed the responses of candidates with IT&C background and found out which development opportunities they are most motivated by. Our study shows the IT candidates’ put their focus mostly on challenging their career and growing their skills.





Naturally, the salary and the benefit package matters the most for seniors, but when it comes to attracting less experienced candidates you need to make sure you offer them diversified training options so they can develop.

The flexibility of the job schedule has become a must in IT candidates’ mindset, a pattern also confirmed by our study, but are there differences depending on the city currently activating in? The IT&C report will provide you with the necessary data to understand these distinctions and employ a fit strategy based on your company’s location.

When does the salary matter the most?

Money is an important trigger when it comes to considering a job change and relocating to another city. Surprisingly, more than 50% of our respondents currently living in Bucharest would move outside the capital. How does this influence your company? By Understanding the relocation patterns, you can either expand or minimize efforts in targeting your recruitment campaigns based on location. In the IT&C report, you will find top destinations and main triggers which influence decision to change jobs and cities.

Comparegr3pgnd to last years’ results, the salary expectations have grown on all experience levels. They also differ by location – due to our new discoveries Bucharest is no longer the most expensive market in terms of recruiting IT&C talents. By accessing the full report, you can find out in which city the expectations towards the salary are highest and the exact percentage of increase that might influence the candidate decision.

Industry evolution and future predictions

Popularity of IT&C sector has been rapidly growing over the past few years and it will continue to do so as there are constantly new companies entering the Romanian market.

When it comes to the preferences of the IT workforce, the software development industry remains the most represented within the popularity rankings. The detailed report of the study will show you which industries are competing for the same talent and give you a proper understanding of where to focus your recruitment campaign in the following year.

Trusted vs Used communication channels

71% of our respondents use career portals to gather information about the current job openings, when they last time applied. At the same time, they put the most trust into personal interactions when looking for a job.

47% of Seniors rely on informal discussions within their network. While entry level candidates value direct interaction with future employers, it can be from a simple reason – they simply didn’t build their professional network yet.


Doesn’t really matter – friends or professionals, people are the ones who we trust. Either interacting with candidates during employer branding events or noticing that your current and ex-employees are the ones building your Employer Brand can be a huge asset in attracting new candidates.

Who is the most desired IT&C company to work for?

We gave a voice to our respondents and asked them to nominate the companies they would desire to work for. Based on their open answers the most desirable employers were ranked accordingly.

The differences appear in regionals tops, as the #1 employer changes from one big city to another: In Bucharest, Oracle is the most desired company to work for, while IBM is in Brasov, Endava in Cluj-Napoca, Amazon in Iasi and Continental in Timisoara.

Have a sneak peek at the first 10 Top Employers nominations from overall Romania:


If you want to find out more about your company’s current position and its place among the competition we encourage you to get access to our full report by contacting us at angajatori@catalyst.ro

So, what does the future holds for your company?

While the industry is booming, the fight for top talents will continue to build up. It’s important to stay up to date with the preferences of your audience, especially if you want to attract the right candidates. But what’s even more important, is knowing your place among the competition. Based on the perception of our candidates we provide rankings from overall the country, and in other Romanian cities – Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara.

To get more useful information in a nutshell, download our eBook, and keep yourself up to date with the latest trends on employment market!

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