The Most Desired Employers in Romania 2024 – Rankings by Industry

31th of May 2024

Every year, we conduct the Most Desired Employers Survey online, reaching a broad spectrum of candidates nationwide. These participants provide insights into their perceptions, desires, behaviors, and expectations regarding employers in the Romanian job market. This year, we received 10,981 valid responses from early-career professionals and professionals, resulting in valuable, data-driven insights that we are thrilled to share with you.

Which companies are the Most Desired Employers by Industry in Romania? The anticipation is over! It’s time to unveil the companies recognized as Top Industry Employers by Romanian candidates in 2024. Achieving top recognition in employer branding is no easy feat; it demands meticulous planning, attention to detail, and continuous strategic refinement. Thus, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the organizations that have secured a spot at the top this year!


‘It is an honor to see that Microsoft is recognized as one of the Most Desired Employers for the third consecutive year. We dedicate our efforts to cultivate a work environment that promotes the development and well-being of our employees. It is encouraging to see that our vision and commitment to putting employees first have a positive impact. This motivates us to continue focusing on these vital aspects for our organization. Our determination is amplified by the rapid changes we have experienced in recent years. These changes have brought challenges that have pushed us to learn and adapt together. We will continue to strive to maintain an open and inclusive work environment, focused on growth, as we always have. At Microsoft, every employee in Romania has the opportunity to reach their maximum professional potential.’

Adina Vidroiu, HR Director, Microsoft Romania, Moldova & Hungary.

‘We are deeply honored to be recognized as one of the most attractive employers in Romania. At Google, we foster a culture where each individual is empowered to explore their passions and make a meaningful impact. We are excited to continue our Google Romania journey, driven by technological innovation and a commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.’

Simona Berbec, Market HR Lead, Romania, Ungaria, Cehia si Slovacia

‘Continental’s long-standing presence in the top 3 most attractive employers in Romania, and number 1 Most Desired Employer in the automotive industry, honors us once again this year. It is a valuable testimony resulting from everything we have done, are doing, are, and offer as a company to our employees, customers, and all our partners and the community. The over 20,300 #peopleofcontinental in the country shape the future of mobility daily, both through the technologies developed and the products made, as well as through the organizational culture in which they work together, as a team – be it local, national, or international. I thank all my colleagues from Carei, Iasi, Sibiu, and Timisoara for their contribution and congratulate them on this result!’

Dr. Christian von Albrichsfeld, Country Head Continental Romania & General Manager Continental Automotive Romania.

‘This year marks 30 years of the Bosch group’s activity in Romania, and this anniversary makes us even more responsible to offer our colleagues an experience that fulfills them, allows them to develop, and maintains a balance between personal and professional life. Being recognized as one of the Most Desired Employers at the national level confirms that the initiatives, projects, and partnerships we develop meet the needs of candidates and employees and are also in synergy with the company’s business needs. As a continuously growing organization, our strategic objective in the employer branding area is to remain an attractive employer among all relevant target groups.’

Cristina Corello, HR Director Bosch Romania.

What other insights you can gain?

If you ever wondered how your organization looks in eyes of candidates and even your own employees, the Most Desired Employers Study has your back. We collect data on what drives talents, we take a close look at candidate behaviour and their experience. On top of that, we put together popularity rankings of Employers in Romania.

In this way, we bring you valuable insights into the talent market together with employers’ popularity rankings.

The Most Desired Employers Survey run every year since 2016 by Catalyst Solutions, provide us with current results on employers’ popularity and the insides of the Romanian talents market.

If you wonder what this year defines top companies and what matters the most for the candidates in terms of employment, have a look at this year’s Most Desired Employers Study takeaways! For more detailed information regarding your target group contact us at , and put the magic of data-driven insights to work for you.

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