Top 8 HR & Employer Branding Conferences to attend in 2021(online & in-person)

February 24th, 2021

Want to sharpen your employer branding skills and keep up with new trends and developments in the field? Here’s help! We searched the internet to create this list of the top in-person and virtual employer branding conferences and HR conferences. Scroll down to see the list.


1. EB CON – Gathering of Forces in Employer Branding 18-19 May 2021/ online


Want to find out what is happening in employer branding right now (and tomorrow)?

With the success of our first edition of EBcon, we are happy to announce our second edition, EBcon 2021! The first Regional Employer Branding convention powered by Catalyst Solutions will bring its second edition on the 18th and 19th of May.  This year EBCon will host an External Employer Branding Track and and Internal Employer Branding one alongside two employer branding masterclasses.

Join EBcon 2021,  alongside other 350+ Employer Branding professionals for the second edition of Immersive Learning, High-Level Networking and Get Inspired by Employer Branding Stories.

With the help of our keynote speakers from LEGO, IBM, PH Creative, LinkedIn, Seenit, Employer Branding Made Easy and the results of the latest Most Desired Employer Study, you will find out how to overcome current challenges and make your company one of the winners of the Talent Acquisition War.

Get your early-bird ticket here


2. HRcoreLAB Summit 3 – 5 March 2021/ online


3 conferences in one: Recruitment, People Analytics & HR Agility. This conference attracts executives from across industries to discuss the current state of the people function and investigate how it can be improved in order to continue to contribute to business success in the future. Filled with case-study presentations, live Q&A and interactive discussion to spark inspiration for leading HR strategies.


3. HCI Virtual Conference Engage Remote Teams 10 March 2021/ online


Tackling the subject of new ways of engagement this conference is a great opportunity to learn the best practices to now communicate and interact with each other in a way that values each team member and creates a bond of trust, recognition, and unity. Join the HCI Engage Remote Teams Conference to learn “hands-on” ideas for team building, new ways of communication, and how we’ve hit the reset on engaging talent in a virtual environment.


4. HR Innovation and Future of Work 18-12 March 2021/ online


Perfect choice for the ones thinking ahead of their time. This conference is dedicated to the future of human resources and the workplace – connecting people from all over the world to collaborate and create the future of HR. With the main theme – Unlocking your Potential you can gain know-how how to bring your HR practices to the next level.


5. EVOLVE! Summit Poland 16 – 17 March 2021/ Poland


Evolve Summit is an international HR conference with the aim to upskill Recruiters, Sourcers, HR professionals and Employer Branding experts and enable them to walk away from the two-day conference with hands-on skills and abilities to immediately boost their efficiency and upgrade the level of their position. This two days event will bring you information-packed lectures, practical workshops, and a unique networking opportunity for you to draw inspiration and enthusiasm for your next projects.


6. Digital Talent Acquisition Strategies Summit 23 – 24 March 2021/ online


The 2021 Digital Talent Acquisition Summit is designed to provide data executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices trending in technology, data, AI, machine learning and retaining talent. It will equip you with the key insights on how to develop a flexible talent acquisition strategy to navigate the post-pandemic world.


7. HR&Employee Experience Week 27 Sep – 1 Oct 2021/ UK


HR & Employee Experience Week will help you build a culture that enables brave ideas, create an employee experience that helps people grow in your organization. You can expect a great week during which you can immerse yourself in the best-practices and unconventional approaches to culture, leadership, organizational design and the future of work.


8. 28th Human Resource Summit 6-8 October 2021/ Czech Republic


If you have the budget and appetite for a destination conference, 28th Human Resource Summit could be a great fit! This in-person conference is designed for senior HR decision-makers looking to find the best approach for exceeding all of the key performance indicators of employee satisfaction and talent development. Join if you wish to network with like-minded peers, discover what’s new in the marketplace and source partners for upcoming projects.


Conferences provide a wide range of opportunities to learn new strategies that can boost your employer branding strategy. At the same time, they give the chance to connect with other employer branding professionals to learn how they’re solving the same challenges you might be facing. We hope this list helps you to choose which conferences make the most sense for you and your team.


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